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Safety sign for Marijuana.

Health/Nutrition  22 October '16

More Evidence for Medical Marijuana; More States to Legalize Drug?

Marijuana has been the subject of debate around the world due to the health benefits that it has been claimed to give from people who have tried it. This is why people are pushing for the legalization of marijuana in several states, especially now where more evidence has come to light in the usage of medical marijuana.

Puerto Rico Battles Zika Virus

Growing Baby  4 October '16

Medical Marijuana Use During Pregnancy Linked To Babies’ Birth Defects, Developmental Delays & Learning Disabilities

A study found that using marijuana in early pregnancy has the same health risks as tobacco use. This includes miscarriage, birth defects, developmental delays and learning disabilities. Research done on animals also found that marijuana use is linked to more developmental issues.

Activists Ptotest Crackdown On Medical Marijuana In San Francisco

Autism  30 September '16

Medical Marijuana As Autism Treatment? Texas Lawmakers Urged To Expand Cannabis Usage Beyond Intractable Epilepsy

Texas lawmakers are being urged to expand the Compassionate Use Act for other medical conditions such as autism. Medical marijuana involves using the whole unprocessed marijuana plant or its basic extracts to treat or manage a disease and its symptoms.

The Smiths

Health/Nutrition  8 June '15

Parents from Virginia Call for Cannabis Legalization For Epileptic Daughter

Parents from Virginia found a sense of hope in medicinal marijuana to help their child with epilepsy. They are lobbying the legislature of legalizing Cannabis in the state.

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