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At Denver's First Cannabis Job Fair, New Employment Opportunities

Health/Nutrition  15 February '16

Marijuana News & Update: Study Says Weed Sales Could Quadruple By 2020

As Washington, Colorado and Oregon report “record-setting” legal marijuana sales in 2015, it doesn’t come too much as a surprise that the weed industry is proving and growing to be much bigger in the next few years.

Residents Celebrate As Marijuana Use Becomes Legal In Washington State

Health/Nutrition  6 February '16

Long-Term Use Of Marijuana Has Lasting Effects; Can Cause Vocabulary Problems Later On

The repeated use of marijuana for up to 25 years can cause verbal memory problems later on in life as concluded by a new study.

Medicinal Marijuana.

News  19 January '16

Experimental Cannabis-Like Painkiller Testing Volunteer Dies Of Brain Damage

A man passed away in France after taking part in a drug trial for a painkiller based on a compound similar to cannabis. He was pronounced brain-dead on Sunday after staying at Rennes University Hospital for a week. Five other volunteers remain hospitalized due to the incident.

medical marijuana

Health/Nutrition  20 July '15

Medical Marijuana is Good for Kids, Parents Say

Some parents are turning to medical marijuana for treatment of their kids despite many opposing views.


Pregnancy  25 June '15

Many Women Continue to Smoke Pot During Pregnancy

It is unhealthy for pregnant women to smoke, more so when they smoke marijuana. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in an advisory calls pregnant women to never consume cannabis.

The Smiths

Health/Nutrition  8 June '15

Parents from Virginia Call for Cannabis Legalization For Epileptic Daughter

Parents from Virginia found a sense of hope in medicinal marijuana to help their child with epilepsy. They are lobbying the legislature of legalizing Cannabis in the state.

First national marijuana commercial airs on TV

Health/Nutrition  5 March '14

First national marijuana commercial airs on TV

The first national marijuana commercial aired Monday on Comcast, a major U.S. television network.

Teenagers Who Smoke Cannabis Develop Abnormal Brain Structures

Health/Nutrition  17 December '13

Teenagers Who Smoke Cannabis Develop Abnormal Brain Structures

Teenagers who regularly smoke cannabis have been found to have abnormal brain structures and poorer memory, according to a new study.

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