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Baby Brain In Moms Exist

Moms  4 May '17

Baby Brain Study Reveals Having Babies Shrinks Women's Brains, Here's Why This Is A Great Thing

Pregnancy results in a woman's shrinking brain, so moms can sometimes become forgetful. There's a special reason why this happens and it has to do with biology.

Sexual predators pose as famous characters and celebrities to lure innocent fans.

Children  24 April '17

Experts Warn Parents As Fake Celebrity Accounts Are Made To Target Children

Authorities raised the alarm for parents as sexual assault predators linger online using different aliases.

Child Poverty in the UK 2014 TV Advert

Health/Nutrition  22 December '16

When The Child Poverty Unit Is Needed The Most, The Tories Are Scrapping It

The IFS today reports on its projections for poverty levels both now and looking forward to 2020.

National Adoption Day Marked At Miami Children's Museum

Family Life  4 December '16

Partnership For Children Wants To Warm Some Children This Holiday Season

Child care services in Missoula asked people to donate warm clothes for troubled children.

Activists Protest Racism And Hate In Brooklyn

Health/Nutrition  30 November '16

Student Activist Considers Children Protection Services Insufficient, Calls For More Efforts

Martin Kollie, the 27th anniversary of UNCRC (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child) speaker, urged the world leaders to do more for children.

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Erie, PA

Toddler  15 August '16

Donald Trump's Companies Questioned If They Include Childcare? Reports Suggest They Don't

Donald Trump is officially a presidential nominee, but part of that job is to ensure that the future of society is properly cared for.

Record Number Of Migrants Flowing Into Hungary Across Its Borders With Serbia

School Age  1 July '16

Here's A Trust Fund That Poor And Rich Parents Can Afford For Their Children

Author Jacalyn S. Burke suggests that parents invest on an emotional trust fund for their children.

cot mattress

Infant  24 March '16

Cot Mattress: Three Popular Brands Fail Safety Mattress Test

CHOICE is calling for ACCC to make mattress firmness test mandatory after three popular brands failed the safety test.

Obese children

Toddler  23 March '16

Dealing With Child Obesity Starts In Childcare Centers And Schools, According To New Report

Fighting childhood obesity starts with child care providers and schools by reinforcing healthy eating habits and requiring physical activity.

Child Playing Building Blocks

Parenting  5 November '15

Parenting Tips: How To Choose a Childcare Center

Looking for the right childcare center for your little one? Here are some tips to help you make the best choice.

Culture important in childhood obesity prevention efforts: study

Parenting  19 March '14

Culture important in childhood obesity prevention efforts: study

Cultural differences in childcare are an important factor to consider when preventing childhood obesity, a new U.S. study suggests.

Child care

Health/Nutrition  5 November '13

Top 10 Most Expensive States for Childcare: Oregon Takes Top Rank

A new study found that child care costs in more than half of US states costs more than tuition and fees at state colleges.

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