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Child Abuse Awareness Month

Issues  5 April '17

Child Abuse Awareness Month: What Are The Risk Factors And Long-Term Effects Of Abuse In Children?

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and President Donald Trump called on families and parents for ensuring the safety of children against abusers.

Playground Schemes Scrapped In Government Spending Cuts

Fun & Games  29 December '16

LA Public Playgrounds Could Soon Ban Adults Hanging Out Without Kids For 'Safety' Reasons

Some parents have apparently stopped coming to the parks with their children because of drug dealers.

Ikea Opens New Store In Berlin

Toddler  26 April '16

Kids & Furniture Safety: Anchors Can Save Children's Lives

Although easily overlooked furniture and appliance should never be overlooked. Recent cases involving Ikea furnitures remind that anchors can save children's lives.

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