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Donald Trump Campaigns In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Body  8 December '16

Just A Cigarette A Day Could Kill You, New Study

This study might help in making you quit smoking cigarette today.

Bernie Sanders Campaigns In Atlantic City

Body  24 November '16

Quit Being Lazy And Stop Smoking Today: It Hurts Your Children More Than It Hurts You

Exposing your children to second-hand cigarette smoke can make them prone to anti-social behavior and aggressive behavior.

Teen Addictions: Dangers of Marijuana, Tobacco & Alcohol

Body  26 June '16

Cigarette Smoking: Alarming Discovery About Cigarettes, New Study Reveals; Most Smokers No Idea What They're Really Inhaling

A new report reveals the alarming truth about the chemical contents present in tobacco products.

Smokers To Pay More For Cigarettes As Tobacco Tax Increases

Health/Nutrition  10 June '16

New Tobacco Laws Passed In California: Minimum Smoking Age Is Now 21 Years Old, E-Cigarettes Banned In Public Areas

California Governor Jerry Brown signs into law two bills banning e-cigarette smoking on public areas and raising the minimum age of people allowed to buy tobacco from 18 years old to 21.

Lifestyle During Pregnancy

Pregnancy  16 March '16

New Study Reveals That Women Who Stopped Smoking Due To Pregnancy Would Go Back Doing It Again

Pregnant women who tried to quit smoking during pregnancy went back to smoking again after 6 months, new study claim.

Woman smoking a cigarette

Health/Nutrition  23 July '15

Chronic Smoking Linked To Increased Risk of Death From Breast Cancer

Smoking has been linked to worsening several illnesses like lung disease, liver disease and asthma to name a few. However, apart from the aforementioned diseases, smoking has a lethal effect to patients with breast cancer as well. A recent study suggests that chronic smoking reduces the chances of survival for women with breast cancer.

2015 General Election - Life In The North Of England

Health/Nutrition  29 May '15

Smoking Parents Cause Poverty in Kids

Parents who smoke plunge their children to poverty.

New picture warnings for cigarette packing in EU

Health/Nutrition  26 February '14

European Parliament passes new rules aimed at reducing smoking

The European Parliament has voted to include new health picture warnings on the front and back of cigarette packaging in the European Union. This and other new rules, such as a ban on flavored cigarettes, like menthol, represent an attempt to cut the number of smokers by 2.4 million.

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