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2016 Royal Tour To Canada Of The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge - Victoria, British Columbia

Family Life  21 March '17

Why Exercising Healthy Parental Authority Is Important In Raising Obedient Children

Freelance writers and international speakers Jenni Stahlmann and Jody Hagaman explained the four C’s of parental authority.

Hillary Clinton Visits Jackson Diner In Queens, NY

School Age  4 November '16

Texting Among Children: How Young Is Too Young?

Cell phones have crept into the minds of young children so much that parents have started taking action.

Super-parenting for autistic children

SPED Kids  30 October '16

Super-Parenting Vs. Autism: How Can Super-Parents Improve The Lives Of Children With Autism

Super-parenting means arming yourself with the skills helpful in imprving cmmunication with autistic children with the goal of improving their socail skills.

U.S. Population Nears 300 Million Mark

Health  18 October '16

A Good Relationship During Pregnancy Is As Important As A Healthy Diet And Exercise

A good relationship with their partner lowers a pregnant woman's risk of illness, as well as her baby's risk of illness in the first year.

3 Ways Parents Can Prevent Cyberbullying

School  10 October '16

3 Ways Parents Can Prevent Cyberbullying

cyberbullying is so much worse than regular bullying is that one rumor can reach the whole school with the touch of a button. When we were kids, it took a while for a rumor to surface. But today it can easily be on the front page of every child’s device in a matter of minutes. It’s almost as if every day kids can write a mean message on the front wall of a school lobby without any repercussions. In addition, kids can take pictures of that wall and save them in their online library which can live forever.

Daddy and Baby

Development  25 June '16

Why Is It Important For Parents To Communicate With Their Babies?

Babies learn from the things thier parents say and do. Communication plays a vital role in our daily life.

Sex Education

Puberty  14 June '16

Sex Education: Can It Protect Sexual Assaults As Well?

Effective sex education will help protect the youth from seucal assault. Here are some reason's why.

Children Watch Television At Home

Behavior  30 May '16

Media Keeps Preschoolers From Communicating With Their Parents

Electronic media has been found to prevent preschoolers from communicating with their parents.

How to Talk to Your Kids

Family ♥ Story  20 May '16

[VIDEO] How To Talk To Your Child

Here's a short clip featuring dad sharing a funny conversation with his adorable little man.

Celebrities At The Galaxy vs. Chelsea FC

Development  19 May '16

[VIDEO] Talking To Your Baby Could Lead To Higher IQ And Academic Success

A new video suggests that there is a direct connection between a higher IQ and the number of words a baby hears during his early years.

Mother and daughter on sofa talking

Relationship  9 May '16

Take Note, Parents! 8 Things To Do To Win An Argument Against Your Teen Without Breaking Your Relationship

Psychotherapist Alison Roy lists down 10 tips for parents to know how to deal with their teenagers when caught in an endless debate.

New York City Hosts First Annual Disability Pride Parade

SPED Kids  20 April '16

How To Find A Job: 4 Job Hunting Tips For People With Special Needs

Here are some tips that can help people with special needs find jobs.

German Politicians Wrangle Over Family Policy Reforms

Infant  11 April '16

How To Help Toddlers Start Talking To Develop Their Communication Skills

Helping toddlers to begin talking starts by reading books, playing word games and asking about their daily activities.

Monolingual Hispanic Students Learn English

Parenting  14 March '16

How To Help Your Child Become A Leader: 5 Tips For Raising A Good Leader

Learn and practice these tips to help you transform your child into a true leader.

Importance Of Emotional And Social Intelligence For Kids

Toddler  1 March '16

Emotional And Social Intelligence Among Kids: What You Need To Know

Emotional and social intelligence is the key to achieving success in an individual's life. Have you ever wondered how some people makes it easy to manage even the most difficult situations in life?


Health/Nutrition  6 December '13

Surprising discovery: The skin communicates with the liver

Researchers from the University of Southern Denmark have discovered that the skin is capable of communicating with the liver. The discovery has surprised the scientists, and they say that it may help our understanding of how skin diseases can affect the rest of the body.

Open Communication Between Doctors and Parents May Help Encourage Vaccination Among Children

Health/Nutrition  5 November '13

Open Communication Between Doctors and Parents May Help Encourage Vaccination Among Children

Parents’ acceptance of parental vaccine is closely associated with how providers and physicians communicate vaccine recommendations, according to Doctors Lounge.

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