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Nursery Items Cause Concussions In Babies

Gear  14 March '17

Popular Nursery Items Linked To Rising Cases Of Injury And ER Visits Among Children, Study Finds

These must-have nursery items send a child to the emergency room every eight minutes.

New York City School Bus Drivers On Verge Of Strike

SPED Kids  3 February '17

Special Needs Kid Beaten At School, Mother Calling On Pasco County School District For Policy Changes

The boy with special needs has OCD, ODD and Asperger's.

Health Benefits of Fish Oil

Opinion  3 November '16

Nutrition’s Emerging Role in Concussion Treatment

Aside from traditional protocols such as resting and gradually increasing activity, certain nutrients may help treat or even lessen the severity of concussions.

Teen spoke different language after near-fatal concussion

Teens/Young Adults  21 October '16

Soccer Concussion: English Teen Started Speaking Spanish, Native Language Forgotten; Foreign Language Syndrome Experienced

A soccer concussion made a 16-year-old English teenager forgot his native language and spoke Spanish instead, three days after being in a severe coma state.

As Thousands Of Schools Close, One Struggles To Stay On

Health  2 June '16

Research: Concussions In American Children Possibly Underreported

New research has suggested that concussions in children in America have not been reported accurately.

Germany To Guarantee Child Day Care

School Age  3 May '16

Playground Injuries: Rate Of Kids Suffering Traumatic Brain Injury At The Playground Is Increasing, Study Finds

Learn more details about the dangers of playgrounds and how they can be prevented.

Utopia Challenged - Sweden's Relationship With Refugees

Health  2 May '16

Children With Concussions On The Rise: Monkey Bars And Swings In Playgrounds Are To Blame

Playground equipment like monkey bars and swings result to higher concussion rates among children. Around 30,000 children got concussions and traumatic brain injuries in 2013.

Libyan doctor Jebril Howaidi checks the

Health/Nutrition  29 March '16

Concussion Diagnosis: Blood Test Detects Mild Brain Injury Without The Use Of Scans

A biomarker released when there is a brain injury is the key to an easier detection of concussion.


Health/Nutrition  10 March '16

Tool Can Now Help Doctors Better Predict Kids At Higher Risk For Ongoing Concussion Symptoms

Researchers just made a major medical breakthrough in concussion.

Football Players

Health/Nutrition  5 March '16

Study Reveals That Young Athletes Wearing Loose Football Helmets Are More at Risk From Suffering Long-Term Concussion

A study revealed that loose-fitting helmets put young athletes at risk for long-term effects of concussion.

A pediatric practice in Lausanne, Switzerland

Infant  24 February '16

Baby Signs And Symptoms That Parents Should Never Ignore

Being able to recognize dangerous symptoms could mean life or death for babies.

'Concussion' New York Premiere

News  18 December '15

Will Smith Jokes Political Career, Talks Kids' Independence - 'They're Done Listening To Me'

The actor also expressed his apprehension about football injuries in relation to his latest movie, "Concussion."

Blood test may help to detect concussion: study

Health/Nutrition  14 March '14

Blood test may help to detect concussion: study

A new blood test may help to detect concussion, a recent Swedish study found.

Blood test may help to detect concussion: study

Health/Nutrition  19 February '14

Football helmets not so effective at preventing concussions: study

Football helmets are not effective at preventing concussions, a new study found.

Study needed on effects of repetitive soccer injuries

Family Life  11 February '14

Need for study on effects of repetitive heading in soccer

Researchers say they're concerned about soccer players getting their head in the game.

Young Female Soccer Players Continue Playing Amidst Possible Concussion Symptoms

Health/Nutrition  22 January '14

Young Female Soccer Players Continue Playing Amidst Possible Concussion Symptoms

Young female soccer players continue to play the sport despite concussion symptoms especially when the sport starts to become more aggressive, a recent study finds.

children football

Health/Nutrition  28 October '13

Students who Suffer Concussion Need a Break from Classrooms

Student-athletes who suffer concussions from sport are usually required to take a break from the playing field and, but new research suggests these players may also need a break from the classroom.

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