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Empty Out The Negative

Opinion  1 April '17

How I Learned To Shake Off Negativity: Confessions Of An OC Mom

The problem sets in when I turn to be too reactive. The result -- my surroundings and I repel, because both of us are "negatively charged." I see my daughter's irresponsibility, and I become impatient. My hubby seems careless and unreasonable, and I become cynical. I glean through an unfulfilled dream, and I get bitter and depressed.

Presidents of Russia and United States meet in New York

Celebrity Daddy(Soft News)  7 October '16

Russia Accused Of Drugging U.S Diplomats

The U.S State Department has been adamantly suggesting Russia's involvement in drugging two U.S officials holding diplomatic passports in St. Petersburg.

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Health/Nutrition  13 August '13

Will Your Marriage End up in Divorce? May Depend on Number of Siblings You Have, Study Suggests

Siblings come with their perks and its disadvantages - they are constant friends, but also offer a great source of sibling rivalry. However, a new study published Tuesday suggest people with more brothers and sisters are less likely to divorce than only children or those with one or two siblings.

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