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Cyberbullying And Boys' Bad Behavior

Parenting  10 April '17

How To Prevent Cyberbullying? Experts Blame 'Negligent Parenting' On Bad Online Behavior In Boys; Here's A Solution!

Psychologists see cyberbullying and negligent parenting as becoming a pandemic and to counter these trends, schools have a bigger role of teaching boys how to behave online.

Cyberbullying Is Rampant

Family Life  19 March '17

Cyberbullying Is Rampant; What Should Parents Do If Their Kids Are Involved?

There's a growing concern over cyberbullying. Parents, take note of these pieces of advice on how to handle the situation.

Washington Redskins Training Camp

Family Life  8 February '17

What Bullied Kids Want Their Parents To Know And Why They Can't Tell Mom Or Dad

Bullying is a serious issue and worse, it can be a life and death matter.

Responsible Parenting Means Monitoring The Children's Online Activities

Teens/Young Adults  23 January '17

Digital Parenting: The Importance Of Learning The Texting Lingo Of Children

Monitoring the children's online and phone activities would be easier for parents if they are familiar with the texting codes being used nowadays.

When your child is the bully

Behavior  8 January '17

What To Do Ff Your Child Is A Cyberbully

It is easy to react when a parent finds out that a child is being bullied online. Most parents will, however, find it difficult to react when his or her own child is guilty of being the bully.

Facebook To Acquire Photosharing Site Instagram For One Billion Dollars

Teens/Young Adults  14 November '16

Cyberbullying: How Oversharing Online Can Lead To Potential Web Abuse And Harassment

NordVPN shares tips on how to stay private online to avoid danger and cyberbullying.

Facebook To Acquire Photosharing Site Instagram For One Billion Dollars

Family Life  12 October '16

Social Media Monitoring: How To Keep Children Safe Online

Keeping children safe online is now possible through CSID’s Social Media Monitoring product.

3 Ways Parents Can Prevent Cyberbullying

School  10 October '16

3 Ways Parents Can Prevent Cyberbullying

cyberbullying is so much worse than regular bullying is that one rumor can reach the whole school with the touch of a button. When we were kids, it took a while for a rumor to surface. But today it can easily be on the front page of every child’s device in a matter of minutes. It’s almost as if every day kids can write a mean message on the front wall of a school lobby without any repercussions. In addition, kids can take pictures of that wall and save them in their online library which can live forever.

Michael Jackson Immortalized With Hand And Footprint Ceremony At Grauman's Chinese Theatre

Teens/Young Adults  19 September '16

Paris Jackson 2016 [LATEST NEWS UPDATES]: Why Michael Jackson’s Daughter Committed Suicide At 14, Cyberbullying Blamed?

Paris Jackson finally opened up about her suicide attempt when she was 14. In an emotional video, King of Pop’s daughter described how cyberbullying drove her to take her own life.

Cyberbullying Can Be Deadly

Behavior  27 July '16

Cyber Gangs On Cyberbullying Using Memes and Chat Rooms

If you want to know who will be the future drug lords, syndicate lords, and criminals, look at the cyberbullyers. They do not physically kill but they virtually do.

Cyberbullying is as serious as face-to-face bullying and increase Teen Suicide rate

Behavior  29 June '16

Teen Suicide: High Risk on Both Bullies and Victims - Doctors Urged to Routinely Screen Teenagers

Both bullies and victims fall on depression. 1 in 50 to 100 teenagers commit suicide in U.S. alone

Police Continue Investigation Over Vicious Attack On Two Boys

Behavior  28 June '16

Alarming Numbers Of Suicidal Teenagers Pushing Health Experts To Take Action

More teenagers in the U.S. are attempting suicide due to several factors like family problems, substance abuse and bullying. This is why experts are ramping up screening programs to identify those who are at-risk.

Daily Life At A Secondary School

Education  7 April '16

Pressure From Exams Are Surprisingly Leading Students To Self-Harm, Eating Disorders And Suicide, Teachers Say

Exam tests and cyberbullying are reasons why students are stressed that have led reports of self-harm, eating disorders and attempted suicide.

'Broken Heroes' Exhibition

Teens/Young Adults  5 April '16

Violence, Cyberbullying Linked To Teen PTSD, Study Reveals

The rising trend of teen suicides may be attributed to lack of mental health care in young adolescents.

Fixer Sophie Thorne

Health/Nutrition  23 June '15

Online Bullying Linked to Depression in Kids, Says New Study

Approximately a quarter of the total number of teens and adolescents today fall victims to the phenomenon called "cyberbullying."

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