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Teens/Young Adults  12 March '17

Guatemala Mourns For Children Killed After Fire Engulfed Children’s Shelter; Death Toll Now At 38

A children’s shelter caught fire, killing 38 children.

Casey Anthony

Toddler  8 March '17

Casey Anthony Breaks Silence, Says She's Unsure What Happened To 2-Year-Old After Murder Allegations Acquittal

Casey Anthony, the mother of a two-year-old who died years ago, recently released new statements in her first ever interview regarding the issue.

Conjoined twins

Infant  12 January '17

Conjoined Twins With One Body And Two Heads Die Days After Being Born In Mexico

A video showing conjoined twins born in Mexico made rounds online last week but new reports say that they have recently passed away.

Twin boys

Toddler  30 December '16

Twin Baby Boys Dead After House Engulfed In Flames In South Los Angeles, Christmas Tree Might Have Been Cause Of Fire

Two babies were killed in a fire at a home in South Los Angeles.

3-Year-Old Killed In Arkansas Road Rage Shooting

Health/Nutrition  24 December '16

A New Wave Of Horror Took Toll After Child Was Shot Dead In Car

Police say they’ve captured the man accused of shooting and killing a 3-year-old boy during an apparent road rage case in Little Rock, Arkansas.

New York blast

Toddler  9 December '16

New York Father Thinks It Is Unfair That His Two Children Are Dead After Radiator Explodes In A Homeless Shelter Below Apartment

A father expressed his sadness that his two children died after a radiator exploded beneath their home.

‘Deadliest Catch’ Ex-Cast Jake Harris Beaten And Left For Dead On The Side Of The Road! Currently In ICU!

Dads  16 November '16

‘Deadliest Catch’ Ex-Cast Jake Harris Beaten And Left For Dead On The Side Of The Road! Currently In ICU!

Jake Harris from "Deadliest Cast" is in the ICU for having been beaten up and left for dead on the side of the road.

Aaron Minor

Toddler  15 November '16

Detroit Tragedy: Two Social Workers Charged Over Death Of Toddler After They Failing To Follow Up On Child, Mother

Two social workers were charged in the death of a three-year-old toddler.

Simona Zafirovska

Family Life  5 November '16

Macedonian Parenting [Shocking Effects]: Mother Found Dead, Strict Parenting Style Probable Cause?

A mother was found dead in The Gap, Brisbane last week. Authorities are now reportedly working on the theory that her strict parenting style is the probable cause.

Florida man

Family Life  2 November '16

Son Admits To Burying Mother In Backyard Then Continued To Collect Retirement Payments Of Deceased

A Florida man admitted that he buried his mother and continued to collect her retirement payments.

Pete Burns

Dads  25 October '16

‘You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)’ Singer, Pete Burns, Dead At 57

The lead singer of 'Dead or Alive' has passed away at the age of 57.

Sex Trafficking sting in Orlando, Florida

Teens/Young Adults  21 October '16

More Details Emerge Over Death Of 14-Year-Old Florida Teen Lured To Sex Trafficking, Forced To Ingest Xanax While Commanded Into Prostitution

A 14-year-old teen died from drug overdose as she was forced to ingest Xanax while forced into prostitution.

The IMDb Yacht At San Diego Comic-Con 2016: Day Three

TV/ Movie  5 October '16

‘The Walking Dead’ Actor Reveals Who Negan Didn’t Kill in Season 6 Finale

Jeffrey Dean Morgan gave fans a hint on who Negan did not kill, as season 7 of "The Walking Dead" premiers soon.

Whooping Cough Vaccinations Administered In Los Angeles

Infant  20 July '16

Five-week-old San Diego Baby Dies From Whooping Cough, 164 Cases of Same Disease Recorded in Area for This Year

A five-week-old baby in San Diego died from a whooping cough.

2016 Los Angeles Film Festival - 'The Conjuring 2' Premiere - Arrivals

TV/ Movie  20 June '16

Indian Man Died Inside Theater While Watching 'The Conjuring 2', Body Reportedly Disappeared

An Indian man reportedly died while watching "The Conjuring" and now his body is missing.

marijuana brownie

Health/Nutrition  17 April '14

Husband kills wife due to marijuana-induced hallucinations

A man from Denver experiencing marijuana-induced hallucinations shot his wife to death while she was on the phone with police Monday, according to reports.

News  15 April '14

Seven dead babies found in woman's Utah home

Police arrested a woman Sunday after seven dead babies were discovered in her Utah home.

Crime scene

Health/Nutrition  8 March '14

Woman's auto-payments hid her death for six years

An unidentified woman, who paid all her bills from her bank account via auto-payment, was found in her home, presumably six years after her death.

Brain-dead teen shows signs of improvement

Health/Nutrition  22 February '14

Brain-dead teen shows signs of improvement, mom says

The mother of a 13-year-old girl who was declared brain-dead claims that she's seeing improvements in her daughter's condition.

Pregnant Brain-Dead Woman Removed From Life Support

Health/Nutrition  27 January '14

Pregnant Brain-Dead Woman Removed From Life Support

A woman who is both pregnant and brain-dead has been removed from life support, according to FOX News.

Judge Orders to Keep Brain Dead Girl on Ventilator for a Week: UPDATE

Health/Nutrition  24 December '13

Judge Orders to Keep Brain Dead Girl on Ventilator for a Week: UPDATE

The judge involved in the case of a 13-year old girl who is currently brain dead after undergoing tonsillectomy doctors orders to keep the girl on a ventilator for another week, the Daily Mail reports.

Baby Born to a Brain Dead Mother Survives, Delivered by C Section

Health/Nutrition  14 November '13

Baby Born to a Brain Dead Mother Survives, Delivered by C Section

A baby born to a brain dead mother was delivered by c-section, survives and is considered to be healthy, according to the Daily Mail.

Dead Man's' Recovery Prove Prolonged CPR Works

Health/Nutrition  23 August '13

Dead Man's' Recovery Prove Prolonged CPR Works

A dead man’s alleged 45-minute death proved that prolonged CPR works in some cases, according to NBC News.

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