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Parenting With Technology Circle With Disney

Family Life  10 March '17

Parenting With Technology: Circle With Disney Encourages Better Gadget Use In Kids With Chores Or Fitness Rewards

Who says gadgets are bad for kids when there's a digital device that teaches them how to use technology properly?

Latest Consumer Technology Products On Display At CES 2017

Family Life  22 January '17

Artificial Intelligence Has A Big Future In Homes But Is It Really Safe For Families?

Are voice-activated AI helpful or are they spying on the parents and kids?

Mattel's Fourth Quarter Profit Drops 46 Percent

Fun & Games  5 January '17

Mattel Takes Over Parenting Duties With Aristotle, The Device That Will Invade Homes Of The Future

The company will start selling the digital assistant in June for $300.

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