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Formerly Abused Dog

Toddler  24 March '17

Former Abused Shelter Dog Saves Naked Toddler From A Ditch, Authorities Find Another Sibling At 'Unsanitary' Home

A formerly abused shelter dog saved a toddler who was found naked in a ditch.

Animal Rescue Centres Feel The Strain After Christmas Pets Are Abandoned

School Age  21 December '16

Tips Before Getting Children A New Pet; From Choosing A Pet Breed To The Paperwork

What is the perfect breed of pet that you could give your child these holidays and the paperwork that you need to accomplish? They are all right here.

Myopia Hunt - Kitty Crossing Farm

Toddler  13 November '16

Two Massive Dogs Ferociously Attack Mother, 2-Year-Old Son; Father Says Incident Was 'Frightening' [VIDEO]

The media was taken by storm when the news of the mother and a two-year-old son were mercilessly attacked by two dogs.

New York City Marathon Parade of Nations Safe With NYPD K-9; Units Deployed to Patrol the Area Ensuring Safety for Participants

Dads  4 November '16

New York City Marathon Parade of Nations Safe With NYPD K-9; Units Deployed to Patrol the Area Ensuring Safety of Participants

TCS New York City Marathon feels safer when NYPD K-9 is around doing and ensuring security measures are in check. This is the first time that a K-9 is deployed in this kind of event.

Animal Rescue Centres Feel The Strain After Christmas Pets Are Abandoned

Body  6 May '16

Study: A Dog's Heart Beats In Sync To His Owner's

According to a newn study, a dog's heart beats in harmony with his owner's.

Labrador Dog Forced Onto Diet

Parenting  22 March '16

Effects of Obesity to Dogs and Ways to Treat It

Thirty-four percent of domestic dogs are obese. However, only 30-40 percent of those who own these fat dogs are not aware of it. It is said that obesity of dogs is a human perception problem.

The First Day Of Autumn In The UK

Parenting  20 March '16

Effects Of Divoce On Pets: Pets Get Depressed After Owners Go Through Divorce

If you think that pets are not affected by couples splitting up, then you are dead wrong because apparently, they too could suffer from depression.

New York Notables Gather At the Best Friends Animal Society Benefit To Save Them All

Parenting  10 March '16

These Household Items Are A Death Trap To Your Pets; No. 2 Is Alarming!

If you love your pets, make an effort to keep them away from these usual household items!

Household Pets Become Latest Victims Of Foreclosure Crisis

Parenting  8 March '16

Mauled by 4 Dogs, 92-Year-Old Gladys Anderson’s Condition Turned Worse

The 92-year-old grandma, Gladys Anderson was mauled by her neighbor's four dogs. Authorities suggest it not as a crime but as a tragedy.

Storm Jake Arrives In The South West Of Britain

Parenting  6 March '16

Giving Dogs Bones Increases Pet's Risk of Death

Pet owners are now being warned that bones could actually kill their pets due to gastrointestinal obstruction and diarrhea.

Six-Alarm Fire Rages On Brooklyn's Waterfront

Parenting  1 March '16

Woman, Pets Rescued From Fire In Glendale, All Are Presently Doing Well

A woman, dog and cat have been rescued from a burning apartment in Glendale, California at around 4:00 in the morning.

Conflict In Eastern Ukraine Takes Its Toll On Donetsk Region

Parenting  1 March '16

Two Dogs Shot Dead Finally Received Justice, Owners Charged With Animal Neglect

After a month since the two dogs were killed, their owners have been charged in connection to the case.

Dogs And Owners Gather For 2012 Crufts Dog Show

Parenting  26 February '16

Eastpointe’s Dog Abuse Case Update: Meatball Is Expected To Recover Soon

After Meatball’s video went viral, the abused dog is now in the protective custody of Eastpointe Police Department.

Deli For Dogs And Cats Opens In Berlin

Fun & Games  25 February '16

Abducted Labrador Dog Finally Returns Home With An Apology Note Attached To Its Collar

QiaoQiao, the recent abducted guide dog, is finally home 35 hours after she was snatched from its owner with a note attached to its collar.

Olympus Fashion Week Spring 2006 - Day 3

Parenting  24 February '16

The 3 Best Clothing Gifts For Pets; No. 3 Will Make You Go Wow!

Humans are not the only ones who could stay in fashion, but pets too! Check out these 3 best clothing and accessories you can try on your pets.

Rent-A-Dog Booms In Japan

Parenting  18 February '16

How To Control And Prevent Ticks On Dogs

Discover the different ways you can eliminate the ticks from your pet dog.

First Day Of Crufts 2015

Parenting  3 November '15

Asthma Less Likely For Kids With Dogs: Study

A recent study has found that kids are less likely to have asthma when they have dogs.

dinosaur-fossil Juvenile Laquintasaura venezuelae CO Natural History Museum of London.jpg

News  7 August '14

Venezuelan Paleontologists Find Dog-Sized Dinosaur Remains

Sized up at only 3 feet long and one foot tall, a new dog-sized dinosaur of the early Jurassic period was recently indexed into the fossil record after Venezuelan paleontologists harvested skeletal fossils they found in the La Quinta rock formations of the Venezuelan Andes. With its fossils carbon dated at roughly 200-million-years-old, the new species named Laquintasaura venezuelae, because of the region it was discovered in, opens up an entirely new avenue of the evolutionary tree (also known as phylogeny) as it gives scientists a deeper understanding of the poorly documented late-Triassic/earl-Jurassic periods.

Korean scientist

Health/Nutrition  9 April '14

Controversial scientist behind Britain's first cloned dog

A controversial scientist who falsely claimed in 2004 to have produced the first cloned human embryo is behind Britain's first cloned dog.


Health/Nutrition  23 October '13

Keep Pet Jerky Away from your Dogs, Cats: FDA Cautions

The Food and Drug Administration is warning all dog and cat owners for information as it struggles to solve a mysterious outbreak of illness and deaths among pets that ate jerky treats.

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