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Flaunt Magazine 'Weather Patterns' Video Exhibition And Performance At New World Center

Body  5 December '16

Research Reveal That Alcohol Consumption Isn't So Bad After All

Can a glass of wine make you GENUINELY more attractive? From improving your sleep to evening out your skin tone - the health and beauty benefits of alcohol revealed

World No Tobacco Day

Body  26 July '16

Quitting Cigarette Smoking and Alcohol: People Who Recently Quit Smoking Let Go Of Drinking Alcohol Too

Smokers who are quitting are also drinking less.

Massachussetts Considers Mandatory Health Insurance

Health/Nutrition  12 July '16

This Groundbreaking Startup is Making Healthcare Much More Affordable and a Lot More Effective!

Provata Health is a startup that deals with digital and team-based healthcare to provide cheaper care that may be twice as effective.

Bali Introduces Ban On Supermarket Alcohol Sales

Health/Nutrition  28 June '16

Alcohol Consumption Proven to Increase Risk of Cancer: Even Moderate Drinkers are at Risk

A new study shows that drinkers, heavy and moderate are at higher risk of contractng cancer compared to non-drinkers.

Smoking Ban Comes Into Force in Wales

Body  15 June '16

Smoking, Drinking, and Being Overweight Can Cost You Over $8 Million

A recent study shows that men who smoke, drink alcohol, and are overweight spend millions because of these risk factors.

England Fans World Cup Tour - England Versus Italy

College Success  24 May '16

College Life: Interventions For Binge Drinking In Fraternities And Sororities Are Ineffective

Alcohol interventions are not working for members of fraternities and sororities.

Britons Most Obese In Europe

Health/Nutrition  25 April '16

Study: Obesity Links To 11 Types Of Cancer Including Stomach Cancer

A new study links alcohol, procecessed meat, smoking and obesity to stomach cancer.

Youngsters Attend Young Pioneers Theme Activity In Shanghai

School  1 April '16

Smoking, Drinking In High School Not Cool Anymore

The number of high school students who engaged in smoking and drinking has declined.

Cocktail Making

Health/Nutrition  23 March '16

Drinking To Your Health Beliefs Busted

A good drink may still cure a heartache but not heart disease anymore. That’s according to recent findings showing that the old belief that the occasional drink could be beneficial to your health is no longer true.

Third Wave Artisinal Coffee Roasters Find Niche

Health/Nutrition  24 February '16

Drinking Coffee Linked To Lower Rates Of Liver Cirrhosis

Existing studies said that most of the coffee drinker gets lesser possibility to get this kind of disease that damages your liver.

Buenavista Copper Mine

Family Life  11 August '14

Mexican Copper Mine Contaminates Both Sides of the Border—Toxic Drinking Water

While researchers at the EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne) are studying the results of a 140-cubic-foot oil spill in the North Sea, to identify issues and rapid response in the first 24 hours after a major spill, the Mexican government is far more preoccupied with a much more real situation of pollution near the American border. Only 25 miles south of the Mexican-American border in the province of Cananea, federal officials have reported that approximately 10 million gallons of toxic wastewater from the Buenavista copper mine have entered into nearby rivers, contaminating drinking water and causing massive die-offs in local fish/plant species.

Age-21 drinking law still effective

Health/Nutrition  25 February '14

Legal drinking age of 21 effective, study suggests

The legal drinking age of 21 is effective and saves lives, reports a recent review in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.

Heavy Drinking Is Only Dangerous for the Brains of Men and Not Women

Health/Nutrition  17 January '14

Heavy Drinking Is Only Dangerous for the Brains of Men and Not Women

Male heavy drinkers are a higher risk of developing dangerous side effects to the brain compared to women, a recent study confirms.

Drinking, Alcohol, Teenage, Binge, Liquor, Weekend

Health/Nutrition  31 August '13

Weekly Wine Drinking May Protect Mental Health

Drinking wine weekly may not help protect the heart, it can also help protect a person’s mental health, according to a study released Friday.

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