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Cycle Of Emotional Eating And Emotional Feeding

Parenting  26 April '17

Emotional Eating, Emotional Feeding: Parents To Blame For Introducing Foods To Soothe Upset Kids

It's parents who trigger the cycle of emotional feeding and emotional eating in children, which could become a full-blown eating disorder.

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Kicks Off Summer Tour

Health  13 May '16

Children Given Treats As Rewards Tend To Be Emotional Eaters Later On

Kids who were often given food as rewards by their parents are more likely to be emotional eaters later on in life.


Food  26 January '16

Emotional Eating: Studies Say That Junk Food Has A Similar Effect To Anti-Depressant Medication

Experts explain the reason behind junk food cravings and how we to stop excessive emotional eating.

Emotional eating: Does out mood really determine what food we reach for?

Health/Nutrition  14 February '14

Emotional eating: Does our mood really determine what foods we reach for?

A new study shows that not only do emotions play a role in the foods that we eat, but so does thinking about the future.

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