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Actress Liv Tyler Talks About Dads

Moms  6 May '17

Mom Liv Tyler Talks About Dads: Fathers Are Important For Children's Self-Esteem

Liv Tyler knows a lot about dads as she grew up with two fathers who doted on her and her eldest has two dads as well.

Co-sleeping with babies

Parenting  12 April '17

More Dads Do Not Like Co-Sleeping With Babies; What Are The Dangers Of This Practice?

Newborns sometimes sleep with their parents in bed but it is the leading cause of death in infants.

Dads Raising Daughters

Dads  11 April '17

Dads And Daughters: How Raising A Girl Is More Challenging For Fathers Today

Psychologist Steve Biddulph highlights the dad and daughter dynamics in today's world in his new book "10 Things Girls Need Most."

Reading Initiative For Refugee Children Launch

Parenting  18 April '16

Science Journalists Emily Willingham, Tara Haelle Debunk Common Parenting Misconceptions

Two science journalists shed light on some common parenting misconceptions. The bulk of their findings is featured in their new parenting book, entitled "The Informed Parent: A Science-Based Resource For Your Child's First Four Years."

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