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Grazia Magazine Produces Issue From New Shopping Centre

Family Life  6 January '17

New Research Reveals Gender Pay Gap Is Reduced To 5% But Parenting Penalty Continues

In a comparative environment, gender equality in terms of work is still a challenge, wherein gender wages gap has been recently reduced to a small extent.

The Gap Pledges To Raise Minimum Wage For All U.S. Workers

Family Life  3 August '16

Sexist Gap Ad: Clothing Brand Responds To Criticisms After Portraying Little Boys As Smart & Girls As Social Decorations

Gap is the latest clothing brand to stereotype boys as smart, active, and achievers but labels girls as pretty and submissive -- much to the dismay of public campaigns calling for an end to gender stereotypes. People on social media heavily criticized the retailer.

Myanmar's Money Counters Hard At Work

School  21 July '16

Gender Wage Gap: Why Women Just Can't Choose Higher-Paying Jobs And Narrow The Difference

If women chose higher-paying jobs, it still won't solve the gender wage gap because even in higher-paying industries, men still earn more than women.

Gap To Close Roughly 700 Stores In US, As Focus Shifts Online And International

Family Life  7 April '16

Gap's Kids Clothing Ad Tagged As Racially Insensitive, Retailer Apologizes

An ad which people considered as racist has been taken down by clothing retailer Gap after it became highly criticized on social media.


Health/Nutrition  2 September '13

Life Expectancy Gap Increases Among Women in Rich and Poor Countries

Women aged 50 and older in various parts of the world are healthier now than they were 20 to 30 years ago, according to report released Sunday.

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