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Lysol 2016 Back To School Uninvited 'Germ-mates' Science Fair

Development  31 January '17

The Gender Divide: Are Boys Smarter Than Girls? Study Reveals Glaring Results

Gender stereotyping already exist among children from the time they turn six. Girls tend to perceive that boys are a lot smarter than them at this age.

Holiday Shoppers Get An Early Start On Thanksgiving Day

Fun & Games  27 December '16

Gender-Neutral Toys Still Affecting Girls Differently Than Boys In Subtle But Harmful Ways

Apparently, even the best product to promote a healthy perception about gender in kids could still be biased because of marketing.

2016 Royal Tour To Canada Of The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge - Victoria

Development  25 November '16

Parenting Style: Raising Sons Differently Than Daughters Breeds Gender Bias; What Parents Must Do

What children experience about gender roles are first learned from their parents. Are you teaching your kids about equality?

19th Commonwealth Games - Day 2: Weightlifting

School  9 April '16

Women In STEM: Successful Pros Discuss Gender Barriers At Work And How To Eliminate Them

Women, who succeed in STEM fields, shared how to tackle gender gaps and biases at workplaces.

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