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Connecticut State Police Release Sandy Hook Report

School Age  6 February '17

Jacksonville 5-Year-Old Girl Fatally Shot By 8-Year-Old Brother; Children Home Alone When Accident Happened

Police learned that the mother left her kids to go to the store, leaving the children without anyone looking after them.

Police line

Teens/Young Adults  25 November '16

Heartless Attackers Gun Down 16-Year-Old Miami Teen While Walking Home From McDonalds

A teenager was gunned down by two men while he was walking home from a McDonalds.

Torrential Rains Bring Historic Floods To Southern Louisiana

Teens/Young Adults  19 October '16

Teen's Heroism Leads To Accidentally Shooting Himself And His Sister While Trying To Protect Siblings From A Stranger

Teen almost got himself killed using a gun while trying to protect his siblings.

Children and handguns

Toddler  18 October '16

Toddlers Kill People? New Advertisement From A Gun Control Group Makes Use Of Powerful Message In Campaign To Make America Safe Again

A new advertisement from a gun control group uses children to say that guns don't kill people, but toddlers do.

Gun Groups Offer Free Concealed-Carry Gun Training To School Employees

College Success  5 May '16

Troublemakers Be Warned: Professors In Tennessee Are Now Allowed To Bring Guns On Campus

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has signed a new law that would allow full-time employees of state colleges and universities to carry handguns on campus.

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