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Childhood obesity

Children  2 May '17

Trump Official Cancels Former First Lady Michelle Obama's Plan On Fighting Childhood Obesity

Former First Lady Michelle Obama fought childhood obesity by changing the menu of school lunches but that was canceled by a Trump official.

Do 'purple foods' offer more nutritional benefits?

Body  20 December '16

Purple Foods Are Good For Health, New Study Proposes

2017 is going to bring new food trends with it. A new style has broken out, and that is purple food.

Equal Sues Splenda For False Advertising

Health/Nutrition  12 December '16

Experts Are Now Looking At Sugar As Culprit To Many Deadly Diseases Like Cancer

Sugar just might be the leading cause of not just diabetes, but even cancer.

FDA Warned Against Eating Pistachios As New Salmonella Scare Surfaces

Body  10 December '16

You Want To Live Longer? Eat A Handful Of Nuts Everyday, New Study Says

Eating nuts everyday would make you live longer!

2015 New York Taste Presented By Citi Hosted By New York Magazine

Body  8 December '16

Scientists Say That White Wine Could Cause Melanoma

You might want to stop drinking white wine after reading this.

What You Don't Know About The Human Immune System

Health/Nutrition  30 November '16

Boosting The Immune System To Survive In The Toxic World

The discovery of new things, put all of our lives at great risk. Today, we live in a toxic world, where even the food we eat contains harmful chemicals. No one can seem to give up the convenience and comfort it brings us. Every day, we inhale fumes from vehicles, absorb radiation from computers and eat foods that are over processed. Hence, our immunity to diseases should be increased in order for us to survive.

Egg Prices Rise 40 Percent After Major Salmonella Outbreak

Pregnancy  18 November '16

How To Cure The 4 Most Common Pregnancy Discomforts With FOOD!

Pregnancy brings about physical discomforts that can cause hormonal shifts in women. Believe it or not, these physical discomforts can be cured simply by food.

Teacher Surprised With $10,000 As A Knowledge Universe Early Childhood Educator Award Winner

School  13 November '16

Helping Your Child To Succeed

Studies have linked poor academic performance to factors such as a lack of sleep, poor nutrition, obesity, and a lack of parental support.

Apple Holds Press Event To Introduce New iPhone

Technology  9 September '16

Apple And Niike To Collaborate For A Project Involving Runners; Know The Product Here

A new watch is about to be released courtesy of Apple and Nike.

Athletics Previews - Olympics: Day 5

Body  11 August '16

A Healthy Amount of Exercise Can Reduce the Risk of These Five Potentially Deadly Diseases

Researchers have found that about 3,000 to 4,000 METs of exercise per week can help reduce the risk of contracting various diseases.

Massachussetts Considers Mandatory Health Insurance

Health/Nutrition  12 July '16

This Groundbreaking Startup is Making Healthcare Much More Affordable and a Lot More Effective!

Provata Health is a startup that deals with digital and team-based healthcare to provide cheaper care that may be twice as effective.

Organic Food's Popularity Soars In The U.S.

Body  12 July '16

Tired of Vegetarianism? Why Don't You Try Flexitarianism?

Flexitarianism is a new diet trend that involves eating plant-based substitutes for traditional animal-based foods.

Pregnant Women Practice Yoga In Beijing

Health/Nutrition  9 July '16

Are you Having Trouble Living A Healthy Life? Science Can Help You With That!

Here are some proven ways science can help you stay on track.

BabyFair2005 Attempts To Tackle Low Korean Birth-rate

Health  6 June '16

Pregnancy Update: New Studyy Claims Urine Samples Can Detect Pregnancy Disorder

Pregnant women can now breathe knowing that their pregnancy could be less dangerous simply by doing some urine test.

Westin Partners With Headspace To Launch Global Westin Well-Being Movement

Parenting  14 April '16

3 Benefits Of Meditation That Would Do Wonders In Parenting; No. 3 Will Shock You

Master the art and science of conscious parenting through meditation.


Health/Nutrition  24 March '16

Study Reveals Women Who Sunbathe Can Have Longer Life Expectancy Than Those Who Avoid Being Under the Sun

A recent study showed that women who sunbathe can expect to live longer compared to those who shy away from the sun.


Health/Nutrition  19 March '16

Having a Healthy Heart Can Make Your Brain Healthy Too, Study Says

A recent study have shown that meeting the standards of a healthy heart usually brings lesser incidence of decreased brain function.

Loss Of Power Strands Thousands Of Amtrak Passengers

Health/Nutrition  11 March '16

Does Taking a Nap During the Day the Way To Success?

In our present rushed world, setting aside a few minutes for even a short snooze may appear like an incomprehensible extravagance. Science proved that taking power naps helps you stay productive and creative.


Food  5 March '16

Wheatgrass May Have The Ability To Reverse Gray Hair, Slows Aging

Drinking one shot glass of wheatgrass a day can help reverse the signs of aging and reverse gray hair back to its normal color.

Sheryl Crow Joins One A Day Women's Nutrition Mission Grant Competition Winner At NYC Food Pantry

News  1 March '16

Diet and Weight Loss Plan: Know the Secret of Healthy People

Balanced diet and exercise are the keys.

Exploring California's Central Coast

Food  26 February '16

Eating Healthy By Growing Your Own Food Without Soil!

You can enjoy eating organic food without even having to rely on soil, but just water. Learn how is that possible today!

Almond Plantations As Bees Go Missing On Soaring Almond Prices

Health/Nutrition  25 February '16

How Eating Almonds Helps You Lose Weight

A new study found out that eating a handful of almonds can help lose weight.


Health/Nutrition  9 February '16

Study Says BMI Is An Inaccurate Measure Of Health

A recent study shows that BMI is not accurate in gauging health status. Researchers said that nearly 75 million Americans were misclassified as healthy or unhealthy when BMI is used as a measure of health.

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