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Men Expected More Parenting Involvement; Women Entitled Other Roles Aside Being 'Good Wife And Mother,' Study Finds

Parenting  4 May '17

Men Expected More Parenting Involvement; Women Entitled Other Roles Aside Being 'Good Wife And Mother,' Study Finds

A global study found that nearly 70 percent of the people in 22 countries believe that fathers carry greater domestic responsibility and women should not be confined at home.

Parasitic Twin 'Feeds Off' Sibling: Indian Baby Born With Extra Head And Hands On Her Stomach

Health  4 May '17

Parasitic Twin 'Feeds Off' Sibling: Indian Baby Born With Extra Head And Hands On Her Stomach

A mother from India gave birth to parasitic twins last month and just recently, the non-viable twin was removed from her sibling.

Chahat Kumar

Children  15 April '17

How An 8-Month-Old Baby In India Gained Weight Like An Average 4-Year-Old

A photo of an Indian baby, eight-months-old, weighing like an average four-year-old circulated online.

Girl Sues India Government Over Climate Change

Children  11 April '17

Climate Change Crisis: 9-Year-Old Sues Government For Failure To Implement Environmental Laws

Ridhima Pandey, 9, filed her lawsuit with the National Green Tribunal upon a lawyer's advise and with the support of her parents who are environmentalists.

Food Bank Distributes Aid As Demand Increases Amid Recession

Infant  6 October '16

Is Bed-Sharing With Babies Really Dangerous? Book Author Says Co-Sleeping Develops Children’s Self-Reliance & Social Maturity

Bed-sharing with babies has risks, but it also comes with benefits that a child will carry as he/she grows up. The author of "Parenting Without Borders" said, however, that children who shared beds with their parents are socially responsible and are self-reliant despite their young age.

Apple Holds Press Event To Introduce New iPhone

Technology  25 September '16

Apple Buys New AI And Machine Learning Company Tuplejump On The Down-Low

Apple is in the mood to shop for companies in India. Tuplejump is one of their latest acquisition.

Scenes Of India

Body  30 August '16

Traditional Indian Food Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease By 50%, Experts Claimed

Low Alzheimer's risk can be attained by consuming fruits, grains, vegetables like legumes, fish, and low-fat dairy products. An additional 50 percent reduction in Alzheimer's risk was observed in people who commit to diets with low meat consumption such as India's.

Worldskills 2013 Youth Job Skills Championships

Dyslexia  4 August '16

Special Needs Technology Devised By Teens: Web Reading App For People With Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities And Visual Impairments

People with dyslexia can have an easier reading experience online by using an app developed by Indian teenagers.

World Landmarks Light It Up Blue for World Autism Awareness Day 2016

Autism  1 August '16

Comfort For Autism: Sensory-Friendly Nesel Backpacks Comfort Children With Autism By ‘Hugging’ Them

Nesel Packs' backpacks are essentially a weighted vest that comes with a hugging strap lined with soft fabric. Co-founder Martha Pietruszewski said the backpack's straps are wider at the bottom part and are "really meant to hug you."

Child Marriage In Bangladesh

School Age  10 July '16

Child Marriages are Still Prevalent in India: Mass Child Marriage Ceremonies Still Happening Today!

Despite many efforts from different organizations, there are still a lot of children that are being married off by their families in India.

Beijing Issues Red Alert On Air Pollution For The First Time

Health/Nutrition  14 June '16

Air Pollution Exposure Intensifies Children’s Mental Illness Risk

Being exposed to highly polluted air can increase mental illness risk among children and adolescents. Young people are more vulnerable to the negative effects of air pollution because their organs are still developing.

Centers For Disease Control Says Flu Epidemic Worsening Across Country

Health  6 June '16

American Research Reveals Most Indian Children Get Delayed Vaccinations

Only few children in India are receiving vaccinations on time.

Beijing Issues Red Alert On Air Pollution For The First Time

Body  1 June '16

Air Pollution Among The Causes Of High Blood Pressure

Some countries in the world are making progress in decreasing their air pollution levels, but other nations are still falling behind. A new report found that high smog levels can cause high blood pressure.

The Body Shop & MTV Networks' 'Say Yes, Yes, Yes' To Safe Sex

Education  23 May '16

3 Countries With The Best Sex Education Programs In The World

Here's a list of three countries with the best sex education programs in the world.

AFG: Theatre Of War

Body  11 May '16

How To Grow Taller? Hotly-Debated Procedure Adds Two Inches To Your Height

A risky leg-lengthening procedure in India has caught the collective eyes of thousands of medical tourists and locals seeking to add a few inches to their heights, at a relatively cheap cost.

Crop Failures Provoke Suicides Amongst Indian Farmers

Mind  11 May '16

Driven By Demons Or Caused By Pesticides? Investigators Reveal Shocking Information About Mass Suicides In Indian Village

A series of suicides alarmed an Indian village. Locals blamed the incidents to the demons while investigators said it’s the pesticides.

Beijing Issues Red Alert On Air Pollution For The First Time

Body  6 May '16

The Benefits Of Exercise Compensate For The Dangers Of Air Pollution In Urban Areas

The benefits of regular exercise cancels out the dangers of air pollution in highly polluted areas. Simple exercises like walking and cycling helps a lot.

Doctors Without Borders Protests Outside Pfizer HQ For Lower Vaccine Prices

Medicine  29 April '16

Pfizer Pressured To Cut Prices Of Pneumonia Medicine For Poor Children: Will It Succeed?

A new petition from the Medecins Sans Frontieres is urging Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline to lower the prices of its vaccine for pneumonia. The move was done to benefit poor children in developing nations.

FILE Changes Announced In Maternity Services

News  26 April '16

'Baby Farm': Hospital Slammed for Selling and Swapping Unwanted Newborns

A hopistal mananger in India was arrested after it was disocvered that the hopital was selling babies.

News  19 April '16

Private Hospital Sells and Swaps Unwanted Infants For 1000 Euros!; Dubbed As 'Baby Farming'

A private hospita in India is selling and swapping unwanted infants to couple willing to pay 1000 Euros.

Kate Middleton

News  15 April '16

Kate Middleton News & Update: Another Wardrobe Of The Duchess Of Cambridge Get Criticized; Tight Fitting Jeans Not Fit For A Royal

Kate Middleton wore tight fitting jeans during a safari trip in India and it seems that royal watchers don't approve.

Multiple Identical Siblings Hold Gathering In Washington

Parenting  15 April '16

Parents Prefer Boys, Sex-Selection Abortion Targets Girls [Study]

A new study revealed that parents usually prefer boys. Sex-selection abortion targets girls.

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Tour Australia And New Zealand - Day 11

Family Life  12 April '16

Kate Middleton vs Camilla Parker-Bowles: Camilla And Prince Charles Wedding Anniversary Overshadowed By Kate Middleton's India Trip; Camilla Fuming!

It seems like Camilla is angry about peopl not acknowledging her wedding anniversary to Prince Charles, instead they are too busy reading about Kate Middelton's visit to India.

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