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Hope Academy For Teen Addiction

Children  27 April '17

Teen Addiction: How This Indianapolis Special School Helps Teenagers Recover From Substance Abuse

Hope Academy is a special tuition-free recovery school for teenagers overcoming substance abuse problems.


Behavior  12 May '16

More Recovery High Schools Are Popping Up In The US To Help Students Stay Sober From Drugs And Graduate

Recovery high schools are doing all they can to help teenagers fight their substance addiction. These schools are giving teens a second chance to finish their studies and graduate.

Transit Strike Looms For New York City Commuters

Health/Nutrition  13 April '16

Geography And Income Can Affect One's Life Span

A new study revealed that geography and income influence one's life expectancy.

Detroit Struggles To Re-Build A Bankrupt City Amidst Poverty And Blight

Family Life  2 February '16

The 5 Most Dangerous Cities In The U.S. To Raise A Family

Learn which cities in the U.S. have the highest violent crime rates and murder rates.

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