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Hoda Kotb

Moms  26 April '17

First-Time Mom Hoda Kotb Thinks Motherhood Is Exhausting

Hoda Kotb adopted a daughter earlier this year and she recently talked about motherhood.

Hassan Dennaoui

SPED Kids  3 April '17

How Does A Father With Special Needs Kid Help Raise Awareness About Autism? Through Hip-hop

A father with a child who has autism said he raises awareness about the condition through hip-hop.

The Walking Dead - Season 7 - Comic-Con Trailer

Dads  21 November '16

‘The Walking Dead’ Movie Will Happen, Says Scott Gimple; William Shatner To Play As Rick?

Scott Gimple shares his thoughts on "The Walking Dead" movie.

The Last Guardian – CG Cinematic Trailer | PS4

Dads  20 November '16

‘The Last Guardian’ Release Date, New Trailer: Possible Connection Between 'Ico' And 'Shadow Of The Colossus'?

"The Last Guardian" is in its last few weeks before it hits the PS4 consoles. The connection between Fumito Ueda's masterpieces is not what it seems based on his current interview.

Paris Hilton

Dads  18 November '16

Why Is Paris Hilton Being Bashed This Time? TV Personality Has A Revelation That Might Anger Some Americans, What Is It?

Paris Hilton revealed that she voted for Donald Trump.

Emma Watson as Belle

Dads  3 November '16

Emma Watson News And Updates: First Photos For Disney's Live-Action Version Of Belle And Beast In 'Beauty And The Beast' Revealed

Emma Watson is seen as Belle in the first photos released for Disney's live-action version of "Beauty And The Beast."

Ashlee Martinson

Teens/Young Adults  2 November '16

Former Horror Blogger Appears In New Interview, Says She Feels Happier And Freer Behind Bars

A former horror blogger appeared in a new interview saying that she is happier and freer as opposed to when she was living with her mother and stepfather.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Dads  18 October '16

Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt Drama: Former Security Guard Claims He Fathered Estranged Couple's 6 Children, Serving A-Lister Family Was Toughest Gig

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie recently separated and their former bodyguard has released new statements about the family.

Kristen Stewart

TV/ Movie  11 October '16

Kristen Stewart Talks Love Life, Says She Is Not Ashamed And Not Confused; Encourages Others To Accept Changes

Kristen Stewart is proud of her love life as she talked about it in her latest interview.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Celebrity Daddy(Soft News)  1 September '16

Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds News: 'Deadpool' Actor Says Wife Is Extraordinarily Pregnant, Throws Her A Baby Shower

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are expecting their second baby.

SoftBank's Pepper Attends SPIKES ASIA

Technology  12 July '16

How Cutting-Edge Technology Can Cost Companies More in the Long Run

State of the art technology can interfere with the law, so companies should try to avoid this at all costs (so they don't have to pay a much bigger one).

George R.R. Martin

TV/ Movie  22 June '16

'Game Of Thrones' Writer George R.R. Martin, Interviews Stephen King On How He Gets To Write So Fast

'Game Of Thrones' writer George R.R. Martin, Interviews Stephen King, during his book tour.

'Ghostbusters' Red Carpet And Guinness World Record event, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

TV/ Movie  17 June '16

Kristen Wiig on 'Ghostbusters' Reboot: Claims That It "Can't Get Better Than The Original"

Actress Kristen Wiig has sounded off on the movie reboot she is part of saying, the original 'Ghostbusters' will never be topped off.

Kim Kardashian and Bruce Jenner

Family Life  26 April '15

Kim Kardashian on Bruce Jenner Sex Change: Reality Star Supports Ex-Stepdad, Such Change is a Family 'Adjustment'

In an appearance in "Today," Kim Kardashian revealed that her family is adjusting to former stepdad, Bruce Jenner's transition in sex change. People reported that Kim sat down with host, Matt Lauer, saying, "we really all support him," with regards to Jenner's gender change. The interview is scheduled to air on Monday .

KIm Richards

News  24 April '15

'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Update: Kim Richards Walks Out After Dr. Phil's 'Not Good Mothering' Comment [Watch Video]

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star, Kim Richards, did not take Dr. Phil's parenting opinion too well. I

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