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Las Vegas bus crash

Children  5 May '17

16 Kids In Hospital After School Bus Crashes; Driver And Another Motorist Killed

Sixteen kids got injured from a car crash in Las Vegas that left the driver and another motorist dead.

Maria Ladenburger

Teens/Young Adults  5 December '16

Senior EU Official’s Daughter Maria Ladenburger Raped And Murdered? Afghan Teenager Asylum Seeker Claims Responsibility

The daughter of a top official in the European Union was murdered.

Colchester Dog Attack

Toddler  15 October '16

Colchester Dog Attack Claims There Were No Signs Of Trouble Prior To The Incident

The dog attack in Colchester that killed a 4-month-old boy and left his 22-month-old brother severely injured had no peculiar signs before it happened.

Jacob Wetterling

School Age  26 September '16

Public Memorial For Jacob Wetterling: Attended By Thousands, Family Shows Photos Of Child’s Young Life

A public memorial was held for Jacob Wetterling to celebrate his "short powerful life."

Buenavista Copper Mine

Family Life  11 August '14

Mexican Copper Mine Contaminates Both Sides of the Border—Toxic Drinking Water

While researchers at the EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne) are studying the results of a 140-cubic-foot oil spill in the North Sea, to identify issues and rapid response in the first 24 hours after a major spill, the Mexican government is far more preoccupied with a much more real situation of pollution near the American border. Only 25 miles south of the Mexican-American border in the province of Cananea, federal officials have reported that approximately 10 million gallons of toxic wastewater from the Buenavista copper mine have entered into nearby rivers, contaminating drinking water and causing massive die-offs in local fish/plant species.

Mother Killed Her Son Saying it Was an Act of Mercy

Health/Nutrition  12 December '13

Mother Killed Her Son Saying it Was an Act of Mercy

The mother of a then 22-year old man claims her decision to kill his son was the right thing to do because he suffered from brain damage and did not have quality of life, the Daily Mail reports.

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