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Cavu Pictures Presents 'Breastmilk' Los Angeles Premiere

Health  27 July '16

Benefits of Breast Milk: Protein From Breast Milk Protects Premature Infants From Staph Infection

Premature infants can benefit from a manufactured form of a protein found in breast milk.

Diego Gomez drinks breast milk from a bottle during a newborn care class.

News  26 January '16

Breast Milk To The Rescue: Human Breast Milk Protein-Content May Be Used To Target And Eliminate Superbugs

The crisis of superbugs may have found a likely solution in the lactoferrin protein content of human breast milk, according to UK scientists from National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and University College London.

Antibiotic From Breastmilk Protein Lactoferrin

News  25 January '16

Researchers Discover Breast Milk Contains Antibiotic That Kills Drug Resistant Bacteria

In a new study, lactoferrin, a protein found in breastmilk, can kill drug-resistant bacteria.

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