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Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Utah

Health/Nutrition  6 April '17

Utah Students Pushing For Medical Cannabis Usage; Connecticut Lawmakers Do Not Support Recreational Marijuana

Two bills related to medical marijuana were passed in Utah while lawmakers decided they will not support recreational marijuana legalization in Connecticut.

North Carolina transgender bathroom law

Family Life  31 March '17

North Carolina Officials Vote To Repeal Transgender Bathroom Bill Amid Growing Concerns On Economy, Discrimination

North Carolina lawmakers decided to repeal the transgender bathroom bill.

Child Sexual Abuse

School  4 April '16

Lawmakers Implemented Erin’s Law To Schools Curriculum In Delaware

Erin’s law is a bill that requires public schools to implement an orientation which introduce prevention over child sexual abuse.

child left alone

Parenting  22 March '16

Parents React to Lawmakers Proposed Bill to Punish Them for Leaving Children Under 7 Years Old Alone at Home or in a Car

A proposed bill by Rhode Island lawmakers is making headlines and receives a lot of attention from parents who say there should be a fine line between trying to avoid child cruelty and telling them how they should raise their children.

Isla Vista Mass Shootings

News  6 August '14

Gun Violence in the News: Is Mental Illness to Blame?

Observing recent shootings such as the tragic events of Isla Vista at the University of California, Santa Barbara this past Spring, researchers and lawmakers alike have begun looking into limitations on the right to bear arms. But with media influencing the public perception of gun-violence in the United States, and pro-gun lobbyists defending the second amendment and their Constitutional rights, lawmakers are forced to question the role that mental illness plays in these mass killings.

Virginia lawmakers debate over possible Medicaid expansion

Health/Nutrition  24 March '14

Virginia lawmakers debate over possible Medicaid expansion

Virginia's Democratic governor, Terry McAuliffe, and the state's House of Delegates debated Monday, the first of many discussions in a special legislative session, over Medicaid expansion.

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