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The Drive, Chip and Putt Championship - Plymouth

Family Life  24 January '17

Effective Parenting Techniques: Values To Teach Children Who Grow Up With Good Moral Character

Perfect parents do not exist,but moms and dads can still be competent even if they fail at times.

Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers

Family Life  26 November '16

Happy, Confident Fathers: An Inspiration To The Children? Why A Dad's Love Is Important In Parenting

A recent study says confident fathers who embrace becoming a parent are less likely to have children who display behavioral issues before the teenage years.

2016 Nashville Universe Awards

Family Life  26 November '16

Have Siblings? Count Your Blessings Because They Make Us More Sane And Happy

Our longest-lasting relationships can often be the most complex but understanding the bond with brothers and sisters can improve our lives in powerful ways.

Airbnb Open LA - Day 3

Mind  23 November '16

Humility And Kindess Are The Two Virtues That The World Needs Most Today

The world has been troubled by a lack of kindness and humility, and many people are anxious, uneasy and fearful of the future.

Verizon Innovative Learning Event At P.S. 171 Patrick Henry School

Family Life  31 October '16

Parenting News & Updates: Importance Of Nurture And Structure In A Child's Life

Routine and love are two of the most aspects of parenting. A perfect balance in both can yield marvellous results for a child.

Trudeau State Dinner Guest Arrivals

Dads  26 October '16

Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds Go Back To The Restaurant Where They Fell In Love: Blake Celebrates Her Hubby's Birthday

The sweet Blake Lively celebrates Ryan Reynold's birthday in their favorite restaurant.

Nautica Malibu Triathlon Presented By Equinox

Toddler  23 October '16

Parenting Tips: How To Handle Toddlers The Easy Way

Read on how you could survive parenting your toddler today!

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, stronger than ever!

Dads  20 October '16

Ellen DeGeneres And Portia De Rossi On The Fritz?, Ellen: ‘Portia Is Not Going Anywhere’

Divorce rumors about Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have been going around lately. The couple has been a target for tabloids suggesting their marriage in shambles.

Annie Clark and Kristen Stewart Spotted

Dads  18 October '16

Has Kristen Stewart Found Love in Cara Delivingne’s Ex?, News Update on Stewart's Love and Relationship

Kristen has a new girlfriend in the person of Cara Delivingne's ex - Annie Clark St. Vincent. They finally came out to the public after being spotted on their dinner date in East Village last Sunday.

NRC Rd 4 - Melbourne Rising v Brisbane City

Infant  22 September '16

Single Men In Japan Learn Parenting In Order To Find Love

Bachelors in Japan pay almost $300 a day to learn about parenting!


Sports  23 August '16

NBA Trade Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers Targeting DeMarcus Cousins, Nerlens Noel and Marcin Gortat; Kevin Love To Move Out?

The Cleveland Cavaliers is now looking to upgrade their roster to match against some of the NBA's powerhouse teams. Nerlens Noel, DeMarcus Cousins or Marcin Gortat would be a great fit for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Mormons Protests Church's New Ruling Against Children Of Same-Sex Couples

Sports  10 August '16

LGBT Making History In Rio Olympics 2016: First Married Gay Couple Play Hockey Together, Women's Rugby Player Gets Proposal From Girlfriend

In this year's Olympic games, LGBT couples are making a mark for celebrating love and showing everyone that love wins all the time. The first same sex married couple is part of England's hockey team and a Brazilian rugby player got proposed to by her girlfriend at the stadium.

People have wrong notions when it some to describing autistic individuals or kids.

Autism  6 July '16

Autism: Just Because A Person Is Sociable, Doesn't Mean He/She Is Not On The Spectrum

A mother's story about her children being stereotyped of having autism, explains thier condition.

GoFundMe: Sharing is Caring

Teens/Young Adults  30 June '16

GoFundMe: How A Viral Story Raised $322,000 For Teen And His Grandmother

Matt White started a GoFundMe page to help Chauncy Black and his grandmother improve their life situation. As of posting, the page has raised over $322,000.

Kids Attend Camp For Attention Deficit Disorders

Health  27 June '16

Parenting Tips: Signs And Symptoms That Your Child Might Have ADHD

Want to know if your kid has ADHD? Here are the signs that you should be aware of.

Spain Daily Life- Tourism

Mind  25 June '16

New Study Suggest That People With Lower OXT Are Difficult To Have A Healthy Relationship

Know why people fall in love and why some can't handle a healthy relationship.

Spain Daily Life- Tourism

Mind  25 June '16

New Study Suggest That People With Lower OXT Are Difficult To Have A Healthy Relationship

Know why people fall in love and why some can't handle a healthy relationship.

Students Throughout The UK Receive Their A Level Results

Development  22 June '16

Parenting Tips: Not Listening To Parenting Experts Would Be Your Best Bet In Raising Children?

What if we tell you that you don't need the experts in parenting to handle your kids? Learn the details here.

Moving mother

video  13 May '16

The Most Touching Video About How A Dumb Mother Shows Her Love To Baby.

Mothers always feel this nagging guilt - that what they are doing is not good enough. Working moms may find it challenging to keep a job while caring for a child, while single moms feel pangs of pain for their inability to give their child the father figure he needs.

'Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology' Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals

Celebrity Dads  7 May '16

Keith Urban Is Madly In Love With His Wife! Gushes That Marriage To Nicole Kidman Is 'Life-Beginning'

CBS would ran an interview with Keith Urban on Sunday, May 8, and talk about the magic behind his and Nicole Kidman's relationship.

NASCAR XFINITY Series Kansas Lottery 300

Parenting  15 April '16

Parent's PDA Might Be Good For Kids' Health: Study

Research shows that affectionate love between a mom and dad helps the children to become healthy.

Japanese Consumers Enjoy The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Food  22 March '16

The Million Dollar Question: Do Women Really Love Eating Chocolates More Than Men?

Many have already tried but few have succeeded. Do women really enjoy eating chocolates more?

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