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Austistic Boy with Cerebral Palsy Undergoes Horse Therapy

Autism  2 December '16

How Placebo Treatments Fool Parents Into Thinking That Their Child With Autism Is Getting Better

Parents who use alternative autism treatments choose to believe that their child is getting better than accepting that they have been fooled. Usually, these treatments are placebos that don't contain any ingredient that can affect a person's health at all.

Michelle Obama Hosts Kids State Dinner At White House

Body  6 July '16

Americans And Nutritionists Have Conflicting Opinions On What They Consider Healthy Food

Plenty of Americans think granola bars are healthy because it contains oats, dried fruits and nuts. Nutritionists, however, think granola and granola bars are overrated.

'Hizamakura', Or Lap Pillow Introduced In Japan

Body  4 May '16

4 Effective Insomnia Cure: Ditch Pills & Harmful Side Effects With Cherries, Cheese & More

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder, which may be caused by various physical, mental and lifestyle factors. Effective insomnia cure protects the individual from harmful side effects.

Magnesium deficiency

Health/Nutrition  24 February '16

6 Symptoms Of Magnesium Deficiency In The Body That Can Eventually Lead To Body Ailments

The six warning signs of being magnesium deficient that can cause health problems which can help pinpoint the lack of this vital mineral in the body.

Magnesium-infused water may prevent hip fractures

Family Life  18 February '14

Magnesium-infused water may prevent hip fractures

Drinking magnesium-infused water may help to prevent hip fractures, according to a recent study from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

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