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Rockville High School

Children  7 May '17

Prosecutors Confirm Dropping Case Against Immigrant Teens Facing Rape Charges In Maryland

The two immigrant teenagers in Maryland accused of raping a 14-year-old classmate will soon be relieved from the charges.

4-Year-Old With Cancer Miraculously Wakes Up From Coma To Say 'I Love You' To Mom

Health  10 April '17

4-Year-Old With Cancer Miraculously Wakes Up From Coma To Say 'I Love You' To Mom

Nolan Scully, more popularly known in social media as NolanStrong, held to his dying breath to happily say his words of love to his mom.

Dad Foils Daughter's Mass Shooting Plot

Teens/Young Adults  31 March '17

Dad Turns In Teen Daughter Plotting Mass Shooting To Police; What Warning Signs Did The Parents See?

Nichole Cevario's diary indicated she had deep emotional issues and her parents were right to surrender her to the police.

Medical Marijuana Programs In Maryland

Body  13 March '17

Lawmakers Stall Medical Marijuana Program In Maryland; Parents Look For Alternatives Elsewhere

Jenny and Alex Inman's 5-year-old son Lukas rely on cannabis oil but due to the legal limitations in Maryland, they moved to Colorado to avail of the medical benefits.

Columbus Police expands pilot program on having antidotes for drug overdose

Infant  9 December '16

Two-Month-Old Pittsburgh Baby’s Methadone Overdose: Parents Facing Child Endangerment Charges

A South Side, Pittsburgh couple has been charged after their two-month-old baby overdosed on methadone. The infant, who was revived by the opiate antidote Narcan, was found unresponsive after going into respiratory arrest due to the overdose.

Staten Island Neighborhood Grapples With Heroin Epidemic

Health/Nutrition  25 October '16

Drug Addiction Epidemic Best Curbed By Peer Recovery Specialists? How Shared Experiences Help

Peer recovery programs introduce peer recovery coaches or specialists to drug overdose patients while they're still in emergency rooms and maintain contact with them after they get discharged. Patients develop a bond and trust these coaches because they share the same experiences.

The South West Faces Flooding As Wind And Rain Hit The UK

Body  15 September '16

Brain-Eating Amoeba In Maryland Kills Teenage Girl: ‘She Started To Lose Her Mind,’ Says Teen’s Boyfriend

The teen's boyfriend said she suffered from headaches, altered mental states, and was speaking gibberish days after she contracted the brain-eating amoeba. Naegleria fowleri causes an infection called primary amebic meningoencephalitis (PAM).

Children Spend Their Hanuka Holidays At A Surfing Camp

Autism  15 September '16

Children With Autism Find Surfing Peaceful & Therapeutic

Surfing can be therapeutic for kids with autism. Surfers Healing is a non-profit organization that gives children with autism a better quality of life by exposing them to surfing, where the children can find peace and calm.

Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City

Health  2 August '16

All For ‘Pokémon GO:’ Arizona Parents Abandon Toddler In 90-Degree Heat Without Water To Play Pokemon Go

Brett Daley, 27, and Brianna Daley, 25, were arrested after a neighbour found the toddler screaming, crying, and trying to get inside the couple's home.

Budweiser Parent Company AB InBev Continues Efforts To Purchase Rival Miller

Behavior  1 August '16

Underage Drinking In America: Punishments Could Ban Students From Graduation & School Activities

Some people think that banning underage drinkers from graduation is too retaliatory, adding that it would also affect the students' families.

Drinking liquor

Teens/Young Adults  7 July '16

Maryland Parents Now Accountable for Kids Served With Alcohol Under Their Watch

Maryland has passed a law saying that parents can be held liable for the death or harm of kids or young people served with alcohol under their care.

Activists Rally In Front Of U.S. Supreme Court

School  12 June '16

Multiple US States Get Educational Budget Cuts, Spark Protests

A number of states in the United States are getting their educational budgets cut, which could spell the end for multiple teaching positions and even schools themselves.

Apple Supporters Protest In Front Of FBI Headquarters In Washington DC

Teens/Young Adults  23 May '16

Police Warns Parents On Virtual Kidnapping Scam; FBI Shares Tips To Foil Attempts

The authorities shared that the perpetators use an untraceable phone when scamming their victims.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Health/Nutrition  24 December '15

Chipotle E. Coli Outbreak News Update: Another Five Cases Recorded, Infected With Different Strain; Fast Food Chain To Close More Branches?

The new cases were identified in Oklahoma, Kansas and North Dakota.

Kids in the Park

Parenting  28 April '15

Free Range Parenting: Kids to Go Home Alone on May 9

Will you be willing to let your children play in the park and then let them go home by themselves? That's what a group of parents in Maryland is proposing.

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