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Miami Health Care Clinic Treats Patients

Health/Nutrition  25 May '16

American Families Have To Spend More Than $25,000 For Health Care This Year

Health care costs in the U.S. have gone beyond $25,000 this year. That increase is the first time health care costs have tripled since 2001.

General Election - National Health Service

Body  18 May '16

Urban V Rural Hospitals: Common Surgeries Are Often Safer & Cheaper In Rural Hospitals, Study Says

Here are some of the advantages of rural hospitals over urban hospitals, according to a new research.

Sen. Patty Murray Discusses Komen's Turnaround In Their Planned Parenthood Funding

Puberty  10 May '16

Planned Parenthood: Will They Provide Transgender Health Care Services Including Hormonal Treatments?

Planned Parenthood is in the works of providing transgender health care treatments.

Bernie Sanders Campaigns In Indiana On Day Of State's Primary

Politics  10 May '16

US Election 2016 News & Update: Analysts Say Bernie Sanders' Health Care Plans Will Add A Whopping $21 Trillion To National Debt

Bernie Sanders' progressive tax and spending proposals will add another $21 trillion to the U.S. national debt. The Democratic candidate's plans highlight health care and raising tax rates on wealthier American families.

Prescription Drugs And Medicare

Health/Nutrition  10 March '16

CMS is Now Looking for Possible Ways to Cut the Cost of Drugs

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) said that within the next five years, they will be testing some new payment methods linking them to patient outcomes.

GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Holds Rally In Atlanta, Georgia

Health/Nutrition  23 February '16

Donald Trump Wants To Replace Obamacare With Typical Republican Health Care Plan

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald J. Trump has outed his health care plan for the US. Political pundits consider his model as being heavily based from the long-standing GOP blueprint.

Drug evolocumab meets trial goal for those with high genetic cholesterol

Health/Nutrition  11 March '14

Obama administration ditches Medicare drug benefit proposal

The Obama administration said on Monday that they would abandon the proposed changes to Medicare drug coverage because people worried that it would harm health benefits for the elderly and disabled.

Anticipated Medicare cuts dreaded by health insurers

Health/Nutrition  22 February '14

Anticipated Medicare cuts dreaded by health insurers

Health insurers are dreading the upcoming Medicare cuts set to be announced this Friday.


Health/Nutrition  28 August '13

Accountable Care Organizations Saves Medicare Money, New Study Says

Accountable care organizations (ACOs) are proving to be a great help for the healthcare system as they lowered costs of care for Medicare enrollees, a study in Massachusetts found.

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