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FDA Raises The Alarm On Medications With Codeine

Parenting  26 April '17

FDA Urges Parents Not To Give Children Medications With Codeine

FDA warned parents of the possible dangers by giving children cough syrups with Codeine.

alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet Fall 2016 Presentation

SPED Kids  13 November '16

Dealing With ADHD: Prescribed Medications To Treat Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Treatment (ADHD) can help relieve the symptoms and make the condition much less of a problem in day-to-day life.


ADHD  19 October '16

ADHD [LATEST NEWS UPDATE]: How ADHD In Youths Signals Impending Rise Of Bipolar Disorder

A study aims to determine the link between Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Bipolar Disorder and whether or not the psychostimulant medication given to youths for treatment of ADHD triggers the onset of BD.

FILE Changes Announced In Maternity Services

Infant  15 October '16

Parents Addicted To Opioids Affect Their Parenting Skills, New Study Reveals

Know the effects of opioid-dependent parent to raising their child.

Uninsured Patients Receive Medical Attention At Health Clinic

Nutrition  14 September '16

Dosing Cups Are Causing Parents To Overdose Their Kids, Study Says

According to a new research, more than 80 percent of parents overdose their kids, especially when using dosing cups instead of oral syringes.

Acetaminophen Taken During and After Pregnancy May Affect Children's Behaviour In the Long Run

Pregnancy  18 August '16

Acetaminophen Or Tylenol May Cause Behavioral Problems In Children, Study Says

A recent study found that mothers who take acetaminophen during and after pregnancy are more likely to have children who will develop behavioral problems in the long run.

Diabetic Girl

Body  4 July '16

End of Prickly Needles for Diabetics? Artificial Pancreas Set to Be Available as Early as Next Year

Those with Type 1 diabetes can soon forget about time-consuming maintenance after it was revealed that artificial pancreas will come out as soon as 2017.

Scientists Continue Stem Cell Research While Courts Debate Ban

Body  1 July '16

Hundreds Of Clinics Are Deceiving Patients With 'Unproven' Stem Cell Therapies, Study Says

A study found out that 570 U.S. clinics are marketing and offering stem cell therapies that are not backed up by scientific research.

Assisted Suicide Bill Supporters Gather Ahead Of Scottish Debate

Politics  10 June '16

'Assisted Suicide' Law In California Is Now In Effect; Hospitals and Doctors Divided If They Will Comply

California's "End of Life Act" is officially into effect, putting medical practitioners on the verge of deciding whether or not it would prescribe medicines that would kill terminally-ill patients on their chosen time of death, more commonly known as assisted suicide.

Kids Attend Camp For Attention Deficit Disorder

Health  1 June '16

What Can Treat Kids With ADHD Aside From Medicines? A New Study Suggests A Simple Alternative

With a simple adaptation of healthy lifestyle habits, kids with ADHD can be treated without the use of prescribed medicines.


Health/Nutrition  18 May '16

Parenting Guide: Every New Mom's Effective Solution To Cure Insomnia

New moms often suffer from lack of sleep because of child-rearing. Here are some ways to solve the insomniac dilemma.

AIDS Drugs

Health/Nutrition  21 April '16

Study: Common Medications Increase Risk Of Dementia And Cognitive Impairment

A new study reveals that common drugs can increase one's risk of dementia and may impair cognitive functions.

World Asthma Day

Health/Nutrition  5 October '15

Asthma Treatment & Medication: Steriods 'Could Stunt Growth'

A new report suggests that children who are given asthmatic medication before they turn 2 years old are likely to be stunted later on.


Health/Nutrition  2 April '14

Running too much may lead to shorter lifespan: study

High-mileage runners and those who get no exercise may lead shorter lives compared to moderate runners, a new study suggests.

ADHD medications linked to teenage weight gain

Health/Nutrition  18 March '14

ADHD medications linked to teenage weight gain

Stimulant medications used to treat ADHD could be linked to weight gain in teenagers, according to a new analysis.

Family pleas for company to give experimental drug to son with life-threatening illness

Health/Nutrition  11 March '14

Family pleas for company to give experimental drug to son with life-threatening illness

One family pleas for the company Chimerex to give a non-FDA approved medication to their 7-year-old son with a life-threatening illness.


Health/Nutrition  5 March '14

Family and friends biggest source for abused prescription medication for most people

Family and friends - not drug dealers - are the most common source for abused prescription medication for the majority of abusers, a new study says.

Concern over addictive Zohydro pain pill

Health/Nutrition  26 February '14

Cocerns raised over potency of FDA-approved Zohydro pain pill

Health care, consumer and addiction treatment groups are concerned about the newly FDA-approved Zohydro pain pill.

New Medication for Diabetes Approved by the FDA

Health/Nutrition  9 January '14

New Medication for Diabetes Approved by the FDA

A new medication for treating type II diabetes has recently been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), according to Philly.


Health/Nutrition  21 September '13

New Warning Against Anti-Psychotic Medication Use Among Children

As today's children become increasingly over-medicated, a group of psychiatrist warned in a new statement of the dangers tied to prescribing anti-psychotic medication for behavioral issues among children.


Parenting  26 August '13

Most Drugs Safe for Breastfeeding Women, Pediatricians Say

Women who are breastfeeding are often warned time and time again to avoid certain medications at all costs as it may endanger their child. However, a panel of pediatricians said Monday many medications are safe enough to be used while a woman is lactating.

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