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Skin Cancer And Pregnancy Are Linked

Moms  19 April '17

Skin Cancer And Pregnancy: Moms Need To Watch Out For These Melanoma Indicators

Skin cancer or melanoma during pregnancy might be commonly diagnosed, but pregnant moms should consider screening and tests for early intervention.

Cancer-fighting berries

Medicine  19 December '16

'Anti-Cancer' Berries Discovered In Australian Rainforest

Compound in berries could be humanity's last hope to fight cancer

2015 New York Taste Presented By Citi Hosted By New York Magazine

Body  8 December '16

Scientists Say That White Wine Could Cause Melanoma

You might want to stop drinking white wine after reading this.

Mack Horton

Dads  24 October '16

Mack Horton Thanks Fan Who Spotted An Abnormal Mole On His Chest; Chinese Trolls Overwhelm Him Instagram Post

Australian Olympic gold medalist, Mack Horton expressed his gratitude to a fan who had alerted him about a cancerous mole on his chest and urged him to get it examined. Chinese trolls subsequently attacked Horton after posting an Instagram photo of himself with the mole removed.

The 8th Annual New York Culinary Experience Presented By New York Magazine And The International Culinary Center - Day 2

Body  5 July '16

Pasta Won't Make You Obese Or Overweight, As Long As You Eat Like An Italian

If you want to benefit from pasta, you should consume it like how Italians do. Experts said a moderate serving of pasta can give you a healthy body weight.

Adelaide Residents Try To Stay Cool As Severe Heatwave Continues

Body  1 July '16

Skin Cancer And Melanoma Rates Aggravated By ‘Vitamin Sea’ Trend

The “sun, sea and sangria,” or "vitamin sea" generation are currently facing high risks of developing skin cancer or its most dangerous kind – melanoma. Around 10,000 people with ages 55 and beyond are diagnosed with melanoma annually in Britain.

Wildfire Engulfs Fort McMurray Forcing Evacuations Of 80,000 People

Body  19 June '16

Extreme Heat this Summer Can Cause Wildfires and Heat Related Illnesses

Temperatures in 6 West coasts states can reach record highs this summer according to various sources.

FDA Announces Stricter Guidelines For Sun Screens

Body  18 June '16

Newly Approved Drug Combination Effective in Treating Skin Cancer, Research Says

The combination of nivolumab and ipilimumab is said to be effective in the treatment of skin cancer.

Pregnant Women Practice Yoga In Beijing

Health  12 June '16

Pregnancy, Skin Cancer Linked; Risk Increased For Mother & Child

Studies recommend special care and observation for pregnant women on skin cancer development as the risk on the mother may inadvertently be passed onto the unborn child.

Cancer Images

Medicine  23 May '16

New Drug For Deadliest Skin Cancer Lengthens Lifespans Of Nearly 50% Of Patients

A new drug can make melanoma patients live longer. The drug Keytruda attacks proteins that prevent the body from fighting cancer cells.

Free Skin Cancer Screening In New York

Body  3 May '16

Healthy Skin Care Tips: 4 Skin Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

These following skin changes are possibly dangerous.

Sunscreen May Fail To Prevent Skin Cancer

Body  22 April '16

Summer 2016: SPF30 Sunscreen Lowers Deadliest Skin Cancer Risk By 80 Percent

Sunscreen products with SPF30 helps lessen melanoma risk by 80 percent. Melanoma is the deadliest type of skin cancer.

FDA Announces Stricter Guidelines For Sun Screens

Health/Nutrition  4 April '16

Melanoma Skin Cancer: Warning Signs And Risks Factors

Moles are one of the earliest warning signs of skin cancer while people who love tanning pose a higher risk of getting melanoma.


Health/Nutrition  24 March '16

Study Reveals Women Who Sunbathe Can Have Longer Life Expectancy Than Those Who Avoid Being Under the Sun

A recent study showed that women who sunbathe can expect to live longer compared to those who shy away from the sun.

US Giant Whole Food Market Opens Flagship Store

Food  11 February '16

The Miracle Of Banana As A Cure To Treat Skin Cancer

New discorvery suggest that dark spots from banana peel may cure skin cancer called melanoma.

Tall Man and Short Man

Health/Nutrition  4 February '16

Taller Individuals Are More Prone To Develop Cancer Than Shorter People

Latest study has revealed that taller individuals are at a higher risk of developing cancer compared to shorter people.


Pregnancy  25 January '16

Pregnant Women Diagnosed With Melanoma Are At Higher Risks Of Cancer

Health experts are now reminding women to always check themselves for any possible signs of cancer after they found out that pregnant women diagnosed with melanoma are at the higher risk of cancer.

Skin Problems

Health/Nutrition  12 December '15

Experts Unsure About Benefits of Skin Cancer Screening

The USPSTF is unsure about the benefits and harms of skin cancer screening.

Cancer Images

Health/Nutrition  19 October '15

11 Or More Arm Moles Indicates Increased Risk Of Skin Cancer

A study has found that having 11 or more moles on the arms indicate a higher risk of having skin cancer.

Texas Aims to Lower Melanoma Risk through Youth Tanning Law

Health/Nutrition  3 September '13

Texas Aims to Lower Melanoma Risk through Youth Tanning Law

Texas aims to lower risks for melanoma through a Youth Tanning Law that will bar minors from indoor tanning, according to the NY Times.

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