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International Students

School  20 January '17

International Students Ponder On Future In US Under Trump Administration; New Research Claims Dwindling Numbers Not Because Of New President

The number of international students studying in the United States started to decrease in the recent years and now more international students wonder about their future in the country with Donald Trump as the president.

Abdul Razak Ali Artan

Teens/Young Adults  30 November '16

Ohio State University Student Attacker Latest Update: Somali Native Might Have Been Inspired By Islamic State Or Al-Qaeda

The Ohio State University attacker who injured 11 people might have been inspired by militant groups such as Islamic state or the al-Qaeda.

 Donald Trump Campaigns In Wichita, Kansas On Day Of State's Caucus

School  7 September '16

Online Threats To Muslim, Jewish Students Of A South Carolina High School Appear To Be Not Credible

Police discredited the Facebook threats to Muslim and Jewish students of Byrnes High School after finding out that the said posts may have come from a non-United States resident.

Donald Trump Campaigns In Davenport, Iowa

Politics  3 August '16

GOP Presidential Nominee Trump Losing In Feud Against Parents Of Slain Muslim-American Soldier

Trump's ratings have plummeted and some Republicans are not taking his side over dispute with parents of slain Muslim-American army captain.

New Menu For Troops In Afghanistan Is Tasted

Food  15 March '16

Chinese Officials Demand Imposing National Standards on Halal Food

National standards for halal food sold and served in China are called for after incidents of improper food preparation were reported in the country.

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