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Access Emanate for Philips Avent

Infant  28 October '16

Maryland Babysitting Gone Bad Caught On Video! Police Arrests 66-Year-Old Nanny For Force-Feeding A Baby, Faces Second-Degree Murder Charges Over Child’s Death

A nanny in Maryland forced-fed an eight-month-old baby causing the death after the child woke her up.

Germany To Expand Child Day Care Hours With KitaPlus Initiative

Family Life  18 July '16

Employer Abuse and Modern Age Slavery: Chinese Nanny Wants To Go Back To China After Suffering Physical Abuse From Employer

An unamed Chinese national was physically abused by her employer wherein her weight drastically dropped, her bones broken, her hair ripped from her head and her body overworked without any pay.

Record Number Of Migrants Flowing Into Hungary Across Its Borders With Serbia

School Age  1 July '16

Here's A Trust Fund That Poor And Rich Parents Can Afford For Their Children

Author Jacalyn S. Burke suggests that parents invest on an emotional trust fund for their children.

The Christening Of Princess Charlotte Of Cambridge

Health  13 May '16

Nanny Check: 3 Practical Tips To Make Sure Your Children Are Safe

Nanny check is crucial to keeping children say. However, nanny check methods do not always have to be overly complicated to be effective.

Germany To Expand Child Day Care Hours With KitaPlus Initiative

Parenting  15 March '16

Nanny Child Care: The Pros and Cons Of Having A Nanny

Weigh the pros and cons before you decide whether to get a nanny or not.

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