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Nebraska Lawmakers Fail To Push Bill Allowing Physical Force Against Violent Students

Behavior  26 April '17

Nebraska Lawmakers Fail To Push Bill Allowing Physical Force Against Violent Students

Senator Mike Groene proposed the bill allowing school authorities to use physical restraint or removal from class against disruptive students, yet support for the provision lacked.

Bernie Sanders

Issues  24 April '17

Bernie Sanders Defends Endorsement Of Anti-Abortion Democrat Mayoral Candidate

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders stood by his ground that he will support the Democratic mayoral candidate who is no pro-abortion.


Toddler  31 March '17

Authorities Find Nebraska Child Under Day Care Provider Positive With THC Following Marijuana Exposure

A child in Nebraska is found to have THC in her system.

Australia Celebrates Baby Boom

Education  1 February '17

Nebraska Lawmaker Passes Bill To Help Teen Moms Graduate From High School

State data shows that 70 percent of teens who get pregnant no longer go back to school.

Fireworks Go On Sale Ahead Of New Year's Eve

Family Life  5 July '16

9-Year-Old California Girl Had Hand Amputated, Sustains Face Injuries, After Illegal Fireworks Explosion

The girl also lost fingers on her right hand and sustained a blast injury on her face. Reports said the child picked up the explosive thrown in her way, unaware that she was holding a live firework in her hands.

Disney Installs Alligator Warning Signs In Aftermath Of Toddler Death At One Of Its Resorts

Family Life  4 July '16

Disney World Gator Attack Update: Father Actually Fought Two Alligators To Save Toddler Son Lane Graves’ Life

Matt Graves said he fought a second alligator as he attempted to rescue his son from the beast that was dragging the boy underwater at Walt Disney World. Lane Graves was wading along the lake's edge during the incident as his parents were relaxing by the shore.

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