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'Fate Of The Furious' Charlize Theron's OCD

Moms  14 April '17

'Fate Of The Furious' Actress Charlize Theron Says Having Kids Is Good For Her OCD

Charlize Theron is a single mom to two adopted children, Jackson and August, who are both under five. The kids' mess triggers her OCD.

Two children look on unimpressed

SPED Kids  12 January '17

Parenting A Child With OCD: How Parents Should Deal With Obsessive-Complusive Kids

Having a child with OCD is very challenging but there are some important tips that will help parents in dealing with obsessive-compulsive kids.

General Election - Education

Behavior  8 August '16

Teenagers’ Mental Health: High School Students Learn How To Cope With Anxiety Through REACH Summer Program

The REACH program is a combination of academic, theoretical, and outside learning. All of the activities cater to teenagers' anxiousness and dealing with anxiety.

Most Miserable Day Of The Year In The Most Miserbale City In The UK

Mind  7 June '16

Women’s Mental Health: Females Have Higher Chances Of Developing Anxiety Disorders Than Men Due To ‘Hormonal Fluctuations’

Anxiety affects women more than men. Females' hormonal fluctuations and being tasked to care for the young are some of the reasons behind this issue.

Marty, 9, boy afflicted w. attention def

Health/Nutrition  28 March '16

Behavioral Disorders Causes, Signs And Symptoms

Behavioral disorders can be caused by several contributing factors as the signs and symptoms of behavioral disorders are mostly displayed emotionally.

Air Pollution

Pregnancy  22 March '16

Study Reveals Women's Exposure to Air Pollution During Pregnancy May Cause the Child to Have a Bad Behavior

A recent study has revealed that pregnant women's exposure to a common air pollutant may negatively affect fetal development.

Young girl in pajamas washing her hands at bedtime...

Toddler  19 February '16

Signs That Your Toddler May Have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

There are signs that can show that a toddler may have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD to help children manage the symptoms early on.

Far from Being Harmless, the Effects of Bullying Last Long Into Adulthood

Health/Nutrition  19 February '16

Bullied Preemies Have A Higher Risk Of Developing Mental Illnesses

Bullying is one of the problems in childhood which became one of the most talked-about issues in the present time. A study concluded that bullying poses a high risk for preemies in developing mental illnesses when they reach adulthood.

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