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Father And Son Recreate An Awkward Bath Time Throwback Photo Without Clothes On

Parenting  2 May '17

Father And Son Recreate An Awkward Bath Time Throwback Photo Without Clothes On

Tyler Walker and his father, Charles, remade a photo of them enjoying bath time, and while it's supposed to be hilarious, a lot of Facebook users felt unsettled and awkward.

SoyNut butter

Health/Nutrition  9 March '17

SoyNut Butter Causing 16 E. Coli Food Poisoning Cases Throughout 9 States? Outbreak Affects 3 Children

Three children suffered from E. coli food poisoning and the cases are linked to soynut butter.

Zaylee Schlecht

School Age  5 January '17

Firefighter's Daugter Dies After Tree Fell On Oregon Home

A girl died after a tree fell on their home in Oregon.

Snow Hits Northeast

School Age  21 December '16

Sledding Leads 6-Year-Old Boy In A Coma

A 6-year-old boy is currently into a coma due to sledding.

HBO's New York Premiere Of The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia

SPED Kids  12 December '16

New Law In Oregon Requires Students Be Screened For Dyslexia

Oregon raises awareness for students with Dyslexia and even help in making it easy for them to study and finish school.

Marijuana Grow Near Albany For State's Legal Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Medicine  5 December '16

New Policies For Marijuana Awaits Oregon After Adversed Changes In The Industry

New rules in marijuana selling and production are up in Oregon.

Is free-range parenting appropriate?

Family Life  30 October '16

Free-Range Parenting Vs. Helicopter Parenting: Why Oregon Emboldens Children To Be Independent By Walking To School Alone

Free-range parents allow their children to walk home from school on their own, which does not only encourage independence but also allow them to engage in physical activities. Oregon's go-signal for children to walk home alone is considered a victory by free-range parents.

Anna Schmidt

Family Life  25 October '16

The Piano Guys’ Member’s Daughter Still Missing? Family Never Giving Up Despite Authorities Drop Search Due To Lack Of Trace

A member of the "Piano Guys" is not losing hope after his daughter has been missing for days and the authorities have dropped the search efforts.


Teens/Young Adults  26 June '16

Freak Accident: Oregon Teenager Stabs Himself in the Eye With a Javelin

An Oregon teenager stabbed himself with a javelin after tripping.

Genetic Factors Causing Severe Epilepsy Identified

SPED Kids  20 June '16

Children with the Epilepsy disorder can become more confident under trained camp counselors

This summer , a summer camp for children with epilepsy is set to open in Oregon.

Assisted Suicide Bill Supporters Gather Ahead Of Scottish Debate

Politics  10 June '16

'Assisted Suicide' Law In California Is Now In Effect; Hospitals and Doctors Divided If They Will Comply

California's "End of Life Act" is officially into effect, putting medical practitioners on the verge of deciding whether or not it would prescribe medicines that would kill terminally-ill patients on their chosen time of death, more commonly known as assisted suicide.

Charter School Movement Grows As Obama Voices Plans To Expand System

School  31 May '16

Rising Popularity Of Charter Schools Causes Alarming Decline In Public School Enrollment

Traditional public schools are being forced to shut down due to the increasing popularity of charter schools. Many factors have driven away students from public schools including financial difficulties and corruption.

New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina Holds News Conference At A Brooklyn School

Bilingual  30 May '16

Bilingual Education In The US: How The Benefits Of Teaching Two Languages Extend Beyond Schools

The U.S. is seeing the benefits of dual-language programs. Learning English and other languages side-by-side can benefit students in the future, serving as their advantage in the work force.

NYC Vending Truck Sells Edible Marijuana Treats

Health  28 May '16

Increasing Number of Children Sent to the Emergency Room For Accidentally Consuming Marijuana Edibles

Increasing number of children are being sent to the emergency room mistakenly eating marijuana edibles.

Miami Health Care Clinic Treats Patients

Health/Nutrition  25 May '16

American Families Have To Spend More Than $25,000 For Health Care This Year

Health care costs in the U.S. have gone beyond $25,000 this year. That increase is the first time health care costs have tripled since 2001.

U.S. Christians Mark Start Of Lent With Ash Wednesday

Family Life  27 April '16

Legal Action Set Against Parents in Religious Sect Who Refuse Medical Treatment for their Children

A religious sect is udner fire for refusing to seek medical treatment for their children. Members rely on prayers, alternative medicine, and faith to cure kids.

A businessman is preparing to reset clocks for Daylight Saving Time.

News  15 March '16

Why States are Looking Into Abolishing Daylight Saving Time

Here's the reason why there are states that would like to get rid of Daylight Saving Time.

Girl Scout cookies being sold.

News  25 February '16

Girl Scout Increased Cookie Sales When She Sold Them Outside A Pot Dispensary

An ingenious scout sold Girl Scout cookies outside a pot dispensary and garnered a lot of sales!

At Denver's First Cannabis Job Fair, New Employment Opportunities

Health/Nutrition  15 February '16

Marijuana News & Update: Study Says Weed Sales Could Quadruple By 2020

As Washington, Colorado and Oregon report “record-setting” legal marijuana sales in 2015, it doesn’t come too much as a surprise that the weed industry is proving and growing to be much bigger in the next few years.


Parenting  7 January '16

Study Finds Birth Control Pill Use Isn’t Associated With Birth Defects

Research has shown that using birth control pills does not cause birth defects in infants.

birth control pills

Family Life  5 January '16

Oregon Becomes The First State To Allow Over-The-Counter Birth Control Pills

A new law is implemented on New Year, in Oregon allowing women to acquire birth control pills at a pharmacy even without prescription.

Chipotle Becomes First Non-GMO US Restaurant Chain

Health/Nutrition  3 November '15

E. Coli Outbreak Recall: Chipotle Shuts Down 43 Restaurants, Reports Four-Month Low

Chipotle shuts 43 of its restaurants due to problems linked to an E.coli outbreak.

OR7's Pups Denning Near the Oregon-California Border

News  5 August '14

Extinct Gray Wolves Invade California—OR7 Finds a Home

Hunted to extinction in 1924 as a result of government programs designed to protect livestock in the central valley, the California Gray Wolf (scientific name Canis lupus) has become all but an urban legend in the state that decimated its large populations.

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