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Ari Schultz

Toddler  22 March '17

Boston Boy Losing Family Home Due To Molds Following Heart Transplant? Toddler Undergoes Acute Rejection Treatment

A five-year-old Boston Boy waited around seven months to get a heart transplant but now he is undergoing acute rejection treatment while his family is getting ready for the possibility that their home will be demolished.

Uterus Transplant

Pregnancy  6 October '16

Uterus Transplant [LATEST UPDATE]: A Ground-Breaking Event In Medicine – What Can Be Expected After The Surgery?

The uterus transplant is considered a breakthrough in the field of medicine and just like any other surgeries, this too, has several effects.

laboratory-grown vagina

Health/Nutrition  14 April '14

Laboratory-grown vaginas implanted in teenage girls

Laboratory-grown vaginas were successfully implanted in four teenage girls, a Wake Forest research team reported.

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