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Columbus Police expands pilot program on having antidotes for drug overdose

Infant  9 December '16

Two-Month-Old Pittsburgh Baby’s Methadone Overdose: Parents Facing Child Endangerment Charges

A South Side, Pittsburgh couple has been charged after their two-month-old baby overdosed on methadone. The infant, who was revived by the opiate antidote Narcan, was found unresponsive after going into respiratory arrest due to the overdose.

Staten Island Neighborhood Grapples With Heroin Epidemic

Health/Nutrition  25 October '16

Drug Addiction Epidemic Best Curbed By Peer Recovery Specialists? How Shared Experiences Help

Peer recovery programs introduce peer recovery coaches or specialists to drug overdose patients while they're still in emergency rooms and maintain contact with them after they get discharged. Patients develop a bond and trust these coaches because they share the same experiences.

Germany Debates Home Day Care Subsidy

Health  20 September '16

Experts Advise Against Codeine For Children: Medication May Cause Deadly Or Life-Threatening Breathing Reaction

A new clinical report is urging for a formal restriction on using codeine for children. Codeine is an opioid pain medication that is also used to relieve kids' coughs.

NZ Federal Budget Expected To Reveal Surplus And New Spending

Behavior  17 August '16

Teenagers Have High Suicide Risks When They Misuse Prescription Drugs

A new study found that teenagers are three times more likely to commit suicide after using prescription drugs for non-medical reasons for a year. For teenagers who abuse opiates, suicide risk is thrice more likely.

Paracetamol Reportedly Not Effective Drug For Back Pain

Medicine  25 May '16

Painkillers For Back Pain Are Dangerous And Ineffective

New research has found that painkillers can reduce pain slightly - but nowhere near the levels considered enough to be clinically effective.

Tonsil guillotine, French, mid 19th century.

News  18 February '16

9-Year Old Wisconsin Boy Dies After Outpatient Tonsillectomy

A nine-year old boy from Milwaukee died after undergoing an outpatient tonsillectomy.

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