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Flat Head Syndrome In Babies

Health  17 April '17

Flat Head Syndrome: How Bad Is Flat Head In Babies? What Parents Can Do To Correct Plagiocephaly

Flat head syndrome or plagiocephaly in babies is common and the solutions are easy if parents pay enough attention.

Plagiocephaly Can Be Problem For Some While It Is Not A Big Deal For Others

Infant  12 August '16

Possible Solutions for Babies With Plagiocephaly or Flat Head

Plagiocephaly can be challenging and doe not show how serious it is when the baby is young. Nonetheless, some people with Plagiocephaly like me do not feel its burden even if I am in my late 20's.

Plagiocephaly: Misshapen Head

Infant  21 January '16

Baby With A Helmet: Plagiocephaly What It Is And How To Deal With It

Plagiocephaly, also known as flat head syndrome, is a condition where a baby's head is misshapen or has a flat spot.

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