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An 18-Year-Old Girl Got Seriously Injured After Participating On The Blue Whale Suicide Game

Children  30 April '17

18-Year-Old Girl Throws Self Off The Bridge After Playing The 'Blue Whale' Suicide Game

Another teenager got seriously injured after joining the Blue Whale suicide game.

HPV Vaccinations Back In Spotlight After Perry Joins Presidential Race

Body  11 May '16

Yellow Fever Kills Nearly 300 In Africa: Disease In Danger Of Becoming A Global Epidemic Due To Vaccine Shortage

The death toll in Angola due to yellow fever has spiked to nearly 300. The WHO worries that the situation will worsen due to the dwindling supply of the vaccine for the disease.

2016 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 2 - Day 2

TV/ Movie  9 May '16

Axl Rose Performs For The First Time As AC/DC Frontman

Axl Rose gave a commendable performance during his first concert as the frontman of AC/DC. The musician sat on a chair as he performed the band's hits since he suffered a fracture.

Heavyweight Man Eating Funk Food

Health/Nutrition  17 April '16

Study Says Obesity And Male Infertility Are Global Health Problems

A new study suggests that the rate of obese individuals continues to grow. Meanwhile, obese men may also struggle with infertility issues.

Elected Officials Introduce The Fairness And Equity Act Aimed At Reducing Penalties For Minor Marijuana Offenses

Health/Nutrition  29 March '16

Arresting Minor Drug Offenders: A Step In The Wrong Direction For The US

After reviewing drug policy models of some European nations, U.S. health experts are now calling on the government to adopt a similar drug policy. They believe it would be a better solution to the country's drug problem than arresting minor drug offenders.

Breeding Storks In Germany

News  18 March '16

Storks Canceled Migration to Gorge on Junk Foods in Landfills of Portugal

Storks are supposed to be migrating from Europe to Africa during winter. This year, however, the storks decided to cancel their migration because of a landfill full of junk food.

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