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Soldiers Return Home As U.S. Draws Down Troops From Iraq

Family Life  17 October '16

Parental Alienation [LATEST UPDATES]: How To Deal With The Challenges Of Parenting And Separation

In the current family law realm, the concept of parental alienation has become popular but courts are still having a hard time addressing this issue.

Parental Alienation

Family Life  10 October '16

Parental Alienation [LATEST NEWS UPDATES]: Does Parental Alienation Really Exist? APA Confirms It’s Psychological Child Abuse

Parental alienation has long been considered a form psychological abuse but now, the American Psychological Association affirmed its existence and confirmed that it is indeed an emotional abuse to the children.

PGA Championship Winner NYC Media Tour

Family Life  11 September '16

Parental Alienation Latest News Updates: Why Parental Alienation Is Considered A ‘Divorce Poison’

Following the recent findings about the prevalence of parental alienation in the United States, experts believed that policy changes and funding are needed to further determine and understand how it affects the society.

General Election Fallout

Family Life  22 July '16

Parental Alienation Latest News & Updates: Why Parental Alienation Is Considered As A Form Of Psychological Abuse And A Criminal Offense

Due to the trauma and the stresses of a broken family, several organizations have advocated shared parenting to stop the emotional and mental abuse of parental alienation.

Tension High As Israel Strengthens Gaza Border Positions

Family Life  24 April '16

Going Viral: Artwork Depicting How Parents Verbally Abuse Children And Its Effects

A powerful parenting sketch has recently been circulating in the online realm. According to the artist, the artwork was created to raise awareness regarding mental abuse among children.

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