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Parenting  27 April '17

Researchers Explain The Probability Of PTSD Gene

Researchers explain the potential impact of PTSD on the future generation.

Lily Allen -

News  27 February '17

Lily Allen Creates New Song About Motherhood; Talks Stillborn Son, PTSD After Troll Attacks On Twitter

The singer, who has never been shy about expressing her opinions, is not a stranger to tragedies, criticisms and controversies.

What It Feels Like To Have PTSD

Health/Nutrition  17 December '16

PTSD Is Not Limited To Military Personnels Anymore

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a disease that occurs in 7 million Americans annually.

Service Dog Helps Wounded Veteran Cope With PTSD

Health/Nutrition  14 November '16

What People Need To Know About PTSD And Why Most Veterans Suffer With It

Everything you need to know about PTSD.

Regimental Combat Team 1 Marines Hold Memorial Service To Honor War Dead

Pregnancy  4 November '16

Miscarriage, Ectopic Pregnancy Might Trigger PTSD In Women; What's The Best Treatment After Miscarriage?

Nearly half of the women in the study had symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder after a losing a baby.

A dog accompanies a child with Autism.

Infant  21 October '16

Superpower Dog Ricochet Helps Kids With Autism, PTSD, Anxiety; Miracle Dog?

A dog named "Ricochet" has been called a "Superpower dog" for the reason that she has been helping children and soldiers recover from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other disabilities. Ricochet has been doing wonders as people have built a connection with this dog, and in some miraculous way, have gotten over their fears and anxieties even for just a little while.

Activists Ptotest Crackdown On Medical Marijuana In San Francisco

Autism  30 September '16

Medical Marijuana As Autism Treatment? Texas Lawmakers Urged To Expand Cannabis Usage Beyond Intractable Epilepsy

Texas lawmakers are being urged to expand the Compassionate Use Act for other medical conditions such as autism. Medical marijuana involves using the whole unprocessed marijuana plant or its basic extracts to treat or manage a disease and its symptoms.

General Election - Education

Behavior  8 August '16

Teenagers’ Mental Health: High School Students Learn How To Cope With Anxiety Through REACH Summer Program

The REACH program is a combination of academic, theoretical, and outside learning. All of the activities cater to teenagers' anxiousness and dealing with anxiety.

Israel Pioneers Use Of Medical Marijuana

Medicine  29 July '16

Medical Marijuana News: PTSD Patients From Several States Can Now Access Medical Marijuana

PTSD patients are now given access to medical marijuana as part of their treatment.

Los Angeles To Not Enforce Ban On Marijuana Dispensaries

Politics  8 June '16

What To Expect Now That Ohio Gov. John Kasich Signed Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill Into Law

Ohio's medical marijuana program will cover illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, ALS, cancer, Alzheimer's, epilepsy and Tourette's syndrome. The bill will take effect in three months.

Prince Harry Attends ANZAC Day Service

Body  28 April '16

Prince Harry Admits To Psychological Testing: Scarred Royal Family Celebrity Reveals Being 'Broken' About Leaving Afghanistan Tour Of Duty

Royal family celebrity Prince Harry admiited to being scarred from his service in 2007 at the Afghanistan tour of duty. To this day, some encounters haunt Prince Harry.

Los Angeles City Council Votes To Ban Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

News  25 April '16

DEA Reverses Stand Against Marijuana; Weed May Soon Be Used for PTSD Treatment

DEA reversed its stand in terms on using medical marijuana for PTSD treatment. DEA are looking for possibilities in terms of providing treatment on PTSD.

'Broken Heroes' Exhibition

Teens/Young Adults  5 April '16

Violence, Cyberbullying Linked To Teen PTSD, Study Reveals

The rising trend of teen suicides may be attributed to lack of mental health care in young adolescents.

Health/Nutrition  12 February '14

Mental disorders may be caused by chronic stress

People who suffer from chronic stress may have a predisposition to mental disorders, according to a recent study published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry.

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