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Dalmatians Helped Child With Autism Read

Autism  12 March '17

Child With Autism Overcomes Fear Of Books Thanks To 2 Dalmatians' Help

Keaton Cook's reading companions and therapy dogs are a pair of Dalmatians named Charlie and Dotty.

Math A Concern For US Teens; Science, Reading Flat On Test

School  8 December '16

Match, Science And Reading: American Students Are Under Performing Behind Peers From Asian Nations

The latest global snapshot of student performance shows declining math scores in the U.S. and stagnant performance in science and reading.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Campaigns Throughout Iowa Ahead Of State's Caucus

Toddler  19 November '16

Colorful Animated Books Help Kids Relieve Their Stress

The Poofas help kids to identify their thoughts, enabling them to feel a sense of empowerment in controlling their thoughts

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Campaigns Throughout Iowa Ahead Of State's Caucus

Toddler  9 November '16

Importance Of Reading: Helping A Toddler Become An Avid Reader

Other than helping children to grow up healthy and happy, the most important thing parents can do is to develop their reading skills.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Campaigns Throughout Iowa Ahead Of State's Caucus

Toddler  8 November '16

Importance Of Reading To Children: Why Parent Should Read To Children Every Night

What's the most important trait a parent like to develop in their child? If they are like most parents, intelligence is probably tops the list.

Grant May Help Kids With Autism Improve Their Reading Ability

SPED Kids  6 November '16

Autism News & Updates: UCR Professor Receives Grant To Aid Children With Autism Enhance Reading Comprehension

Children with autism are among the most overlooked people in some parts of the world. There are only few programs designed for children with autism regarding behavioral issues, and even fewer programs for learning issues, which made addressing learning difficulties for children with autism very challenging.

HBO's New York Premiere Of The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia

SPED Kids  24 October '16

Dyslexia [LATEST NEWS & UPDATES]: The Troubles Of A Dyslexic And How To Cope With Them

Immersed in a swamp of reading and understanding problems, dyslexics face a hard time keeping up with the world's normalcy.

Samsung Launch New Smart Phones

Technology  8 July '16

Tech News and Updates: The Best Android Applications of 2016 So Far

Here are the best 2016 apps for Android devices according to reviewers.

Government Plans Education Summit

School  8 July '16

English Primary Schools: Oly 53% of Its Students Meet the Standards in Math, Reading, and Writing

The England Department of Education has released this alarming statistic after the curriculum change from last year.

Children Of The West-Bank

Books  17 June '16

Teach Your Kid How To Read, Not What To Read

For your kids to become lifetime readers, they should develop a genuine interest for reading---reading books that spark their interest and match their comprehension level.

Boy Reading

Books  16 June '16

Parents Take Note: There is More To Success Than The Money You Make For Your Kids

The secret to the sucess of your children in the future is not in how much you make to provide for your kids. The secret to their sucess is simple, just read on.

First Four Folios OF Shakespeare's Collected Work Up For Auction

Development  10 June '16

Reading Increases Your Child’s Chances to Be Successful

Teaching your child how to make a habit out of reading increases their chances to live out their potential to be a success in life.

Amazon.co.uk Launches Kids Love Books, Its First Ever Best-Of Children's Book List-Voted For By Kids Themselves

Education  11 May '16

Does Your Child Hate Reading Books? Here Are 4 Reasons To Encourage Kids To Read

Reading provides both short-term and long-term benefits to children.

Students Start Summer School In Chicago

School  28 April '16

Education Department: Math And Reading Scores Of 12th Graders In The US Decline

Learn more details about the results of the recent "nation's report card."

Wuppertal Tafel Cares For Children

Toddler  20 April '16

5 Ways To Raise A Child Who Likes To Read

A few ways to raise a child who likes to read include going to the library, limiting technology and choosing books with genres they are passionate about.

President Obama Announces John King Jr. As Education Secretary During News Conference

School  16 April '16

Education Secretary John B. King Jr. Plans To Restore Multifaceted Learning In US Curriculum

Education Secretary John B. King Jr. believes the new federal education law would bring back holistic learning in U.S. schools. The new law also reduces the amount standardized tests students take in a year.

Government Plans Education Summit

School  4 April '16

New Bill Aims To Improve Students' Reading in Third Graders; Students Who Failed will Be Retained

A bill is passed in Michigan to retain third graders if their reading skills fail to meet the state's standards.


Family Life  25 March '16

Take A Peek: This Is What People With Dyslexia See When They Read

Coder Victor Widell creates a simulation of how his dyslexic friend experiences reading, while Daniel Britton designed a font that recreates the feeling of reading in someone with dyslexia.

US Army 51027 EFMP energizes exceptional education

Parenting  6 August '15

Study Reveals How Reading, Storytelling Help Kids In The Long-Run

Reading stories to children help them develop their brains, a study says. Thus, parents are encouraged to practice regular reading time with their kids.

Breastfed children so smart because of two parenting skills: study

Parenting  3 March '14

Breastfed children smarter due to accompanying parenting skills

Two parenting skills - responding to a child's emotional cues and reading to them by 9 months of age - is what actually makes breastfed children smarter, a new study says.

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