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How To Make A Marriage Last? Married Individuals On Reddit Share Their Essentials In Maintaining One

Issues  1 May '17

How To Make A Marriage Last? Married Individuals On Reddit Share Their Essentials In Maintaining One

There is no easy way to make a relationship long-lasting, and to spread ideas how to, Reddit users feast answering the famous relationship question.


Marriage and Relationship  17 April '17

Tired Of Hearing Baseless Relationship Advice? Real People Give Most Realistic Comments On Love

Reddit users revealed the best relationship advice they have ever received.

People Get Candid On Traits They Are Getting Rid As Parents, Based On Experience With Own Folks

Parenting  12 April '17

People Get Candid On Traits They Are Getting Rid As Parents, Based On Experience With Own Folks

Everybody has got to learn from someone's mistakes, and these children, apparently, learned a few pointers from their parents.


Teens/Young Adults  12 January '17

Reddit's UpliftingNews Raises $160K For Mentally-Challenged Chicago Teen Following Attack, Torture On Facebook Live

The person behind the subreddit UpliftingNews on Reddit helped raise $160,000 for the Chicago teen who was tortured and abused on Facebook Live.

CANALI & PRYMA Celebrate the US Launch of the CANALI Online Boutique

Technology  22 November '16

Reddit 2.0 Is Now Available For iOS That Will Finally Support iPad

A new update has been released for Reddit and it will now be available for iPad users, but not on Tablets.

Pokemon World Championships Held In San Francisco

Dads  18 November '16

‘Pokémon GO’ Updates: 7th Nest Migration Occurs! Massive December Update Introducing PvP Battles, Trading & Baby Pokémon?

The seventh nest migration just occurred in "Pokémon GO." Huge and exciting changes are rumored to be coming to the game in December including trading, PvP battles, baby Pokemon, and 100 Generation 2 monsters.

Comic-Con International 2016 - Warner Bros. Presentation

Pregnancy  8 November '16

This Couple's Pregnancy Announcement Is About To Break The Internet [Video]

Watch how this couple announced they are pregnant to the world. It is hilarious!

'Shadow Of The Tomb Raider,' A New 'TR' Game In The Works?

Dads  2 November '16

'Shadow Of The Tomb Raider' Update: A New 'TR' Game In The Works?

An image posted on Reddit depicts a man working on a presentation which featured the logo for "Shadow of the Tomb Raider."

'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 Warning: Spoliers & Alleged Plot Leaks

Dads  27 October '16

'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 Warning: Spoliers & Alleged Plot Leaks

All "Game Of Thrones" die hard fans should hold their wits for this much awaited leaked plot discovery. The entire plot has more spoilers ahead.

Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City

Dads  27 October '16

‘Pokémon GO’ Update: Daily Quests Confirmed? More Exciting Details About Halloween Event Surface

Data miners found a hex code for Daily Quests shown in the latest "Pokémon GO" update. With this code, there will be three possible daily quests for players: First Catch of the Day, First PokéStop of the Day, and a still Unknown quest.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk Denies Life On Mars

Dads  25 October '16

Elon Musk Divulges More Details Of His First Unmanned Mission To Mars On Reddit

In a candid question and answer session, Elon Musk revealed the progress of his dream to send 1 million people to Mars.


Dads  24 October '16

What Caused Recent U.S. Outages on Reddit, Twitter, SoundCloud and Spotify? Read And Be Informed!

The recent outages on Reddit, Twitter, SoundCloud and Spotify is believed to be by DDoS attack.

Pokemon GO Fans Converge At Sydney Opera House

Dads  22 October '16

‘Pokémon GO’ Global Halloween Event Teased: More Ghost Spawns, Double Candy Amounts, Pokémon Cosmetics Coming?

There are expectations that the global “Pokémon GO” Halloween event would unveil more Ghost Pokémon (such as Haunter, Ghastly, and Gengar), double the amount of Candies earned by trainers, and provide previously unlockable cosmetics for players' Pokémon.

Pokemon Go Launches In The UK

Dads  21 October '16

‘Pokémon GO’ Guide & Update: Fifth Nest Migration Occurs; What Spawns Changed Recently?

A fifth nest migration in “Pokémon GO” took place across the globe on October 20. Though plenty of “Pokémon GO” nests have migrated, there are nests that remained in the same location.

Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Delights Spectators In NYC

Dads  20 October '16

‘Pokémon Sun’ And ‘Moon’ Unveils New PokéBall For Catching Ultra Beasts; Entire Alola Region Pokémon Revealed

A new data mine on “Pokémon Sun” and “Moon” revealed a new PokéBall for catching Ultra Beasts, the dangerous group of Pokémon wandering in the Alola region. It's still unknown what exactly Ultra Beasts are, but some players speculate that Ultra Beasts are transmogrified human beings.

Pokemon GO App Popularity Soars As Australians Join Worldwide Craze

Games  17 October '16

‘Pokémon GO’ New Update: Tracker Beta To Have A Wider Release Soon? FastPokéMap Rises Again

Niantic promised that a “Pokémon GO” tracker is coming to players’ way and they seemed to be fulfilling that when they rolled out an overhauled tracking feature in beta, but only in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. The biggest question by players out of the location is whether Niantic will release the “Pokémon GO” tracker in other areas soon.

DNCE Performs On NBC's 'Today'

Celebrity Daddy(Soft News)  13 October '16

Ashley Greene Responds To Ex Jonas Brothers' Joe Jonas Admission Of Losing Virginity To The 'Twilight' Star

Joe Jonas admits to losing his virginity to Ashley Greene in 2010 and this is what the "Twilight" star has to say about the former Jonas Brothers member.

Pokemon 3 Movie Stills

Games  30 September '16

‘Pokémon GO’ Guide, Latest News & Update: Catching Charizard Is Now Easier, Pokémon Spawning At Charmander Nests

Catching Charizard has been made easier by Niantic. "Pokémon GO" users on Reddit thread The Silph Road are claiming that the fire-breathing dragon is now spawning at Charmander nests, a feat that wasn't possible before.

Pokemon Go Launches In The UK

Games  28 September '16

‘Pokémon GO’ New Nest Migration Confirmed: Niantic Dramatically Randomizes Spawn Locations

The third spawn nest migration has occurred in "Pokémon GO." The changes were randomized and players have now lost the capacity to predict what spawn nests have changed into.

Pokemon Go Launches In Hong Kong

Games  22 September '16

‘Pokémon GO’ Buddy System Tips & Tricks: Easy Method To Transfer Distance Walked To Another Pokémon Buddy

The latest "Pokémon GO" Buddy system allows players to pick one of the Pokémon at their disposal as their Buddy in exchange for Candies. Transferring distance walked with your Pokémon Buddy to another Buddy is possible in "Pokémon GO," and there's an easy way to do this.

Pokemon GO App Popularity Soars As Australians Join Worldwide Craze

Games  21 September '16

‘Pokémon GO’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Odd Incense Trick Lets You Catch Rare Pokémon Vulpix, Ponyta, Abra, Dratini & More

A new theory that involves a weird use of Incense, however, is claiming that it will spawn plenty of rare Pokémon in uncommon places. The Incense trick was shared by a "Pokémon GO" player on Reddit.

Premiere Of HBO's 'Game Of Thrones' Season 6 - Arrivals

TV/ Movie  15 September '16

‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Spoilers: Joe Dempsie’s Gendry Back To Help Sam Create Valyrian Steel & Kill White Walkers?

The last time "Game of Thrones" viewers saw Gendry, he was rowing away from Dragonstone to escape Melisandre. Fan theories believe that Gendry will come across Sam's path and will help the maester-in-training to forge Valyrian steel, which can kill the White Walkers.

Pokemon-Mania Takes Indonesia By Storm

Games  23 August '16

‘Pokémon GO’ Tips & Tricks: How To Find More 10k Eggs To Get Rarer Pokémon

Finding a 10k Egg in "Pokémon GO" is an exciting feat. The longer the distance an Egg needs the rarer and more powerful the Pokémon will be.

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