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New Zealand All Blacks 'Cure Kids' Appearance in Auckland

ADHD  2 June '16

Drug Used To Treat ADHD In Children Associated With Increased Risk Of Abnormal Heart Rhythm

Ritalin, an ADHD drug, has been linked to increased likelihood of arrythmia.

The Silicon Roundabout In Old Street

Medicine  26 May '16

Employees Are Resorting To Cognitive-Enhancing Drugs To Perform Better And Stay Awake Longer In Workplaces

Demanding work environments are pushing employees to use drugs to be able to work longer hours and perform better. A prescription drug for narcoleptic patients are being used for non-medical reasons by some of those workers.

Utopia Challenged - Sweden's Relationship With Refugees

ADHD  17 May '16

Dangers Of Wrong Diagnosis: Rare Cancers May Disguise Itself As ADHD In Children

Children are being misdiagnosed with ADHD due to rare cancer tumors that exhibit similar symptoms. Wrong diagnosis can be a threat to kids' health.

Children Of The West-Bank

Behavior  11 May '16

Teenagers With ADHD Need Drugs, Psychotherapy & Special Treatments Different From Younger Children

Teens and young children need different kinds of treatment for their ADHD. Teenagers need a more specialized medication that combines psychotherapy and drugs.

MPAA In Washington DC Hosts Screening Of The Weinstein Company's 'Bully' With Panel Discussion

Health/Nutrition  5 December '15

Kids on ADHD Prescription Drugs 2x Likely to be Bullied: Study

A recent study has found that kids given prescription drugs when diagnosed with ADHD were more likely to be bullied.

Orphanage And School In Torez, Ukraine Copes With Effects Of War In Region

Health/Nutrition  24 November '15

ADHD Treatment Meds Linked To Sleeping Problems in Kids: Study

A recent study has found that stimulants used to treat some of the symptoms of ADHD may cause sleeping problems.


News  4 June '15

Teens Misuse Prescription Drugs As Early As High School

A new study conducted by the University of Michigan Medical School reveals that drug use among teenagers don't actually peak when they are in college. It's apparently earlier.

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