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School  15 December '16

Sex Education: Do Teens Prefer To Be Taught About Sexual Knowledge By Other Teens? Study Claims It Does

A new study claims that teenagers would like it better if other teenagers their age would teach them about sex education.

Zika Virus

Health/Nutrition  7 September '16

Zika Virus News And Updates: World Health Organization Issues Safe Sex Guidelines For Travelers

New guidelines have been released by the World Health Organization and this time it is about safe sex. The guidelines aim to prevent the repercussions of infecting sexual partners and babies if pregnancies occur.

Pro-Choice Protestors March Across The Brooklyn Bridge

Fertility  6 June '16

Things That Anti-Abortion Protestors Couldn’t Bear To Hear

You won't beleive that anti-abortionist coudln't stand to hear the word safe sex.

Human spermatozoa...

Pregnancy  14 March '16

How To Increase Chances Of Pregnancy: 5 Tips To Improve Sperm Quality

Discover the best ways to have healthy sperm.

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