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Gay Dads Face Challenges Of Same-Sex Parenting

Issues  10 April '17

Louisiana Gay Dads Try Shattering Stigma Around Same-Sex Parenting: 'People Judge Our Lives'

Erik and Douglas Alexander legally married in 2015 and have an adopted girl named Allie Mae.

Florida Gay Partners Adopt in Vermont

Parenting  18 April '16

Same-Sex Parenting: Pope Francis Rejects Gay Marriage But Accepts Gay Parents, Argues Gay Group Supporter

The pope wrote and released a 256-page document discussing his stand on these issues.

White House Hosts Annual Easter Egg Roll

Behavior  16 April '16

Same-Sex Parents Are Found To Be As Effective As Straight Ones

There was no big difference on how the children turned out to be in households raised by same-sex parents and heterosexual parents.

White House Hosts Annual Easter Egg Roll

Parenting  13 April '16

Same-Sex Parenting: Kids Raised By Stable Same-Sex Parents Have Great Well-Being, Says Study

Previous studies have already shown similar results, but this latest research trimmed down some factors to determine how gender affects positive parenting.

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