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Delta Air Lines Hosts Sixth Annual Holiday 'Flight' To The North Pole For 150 Kids From Children's Hospital Los Angeles And P.S. ARTS At LAX

Family Life  20 December '16

Telling The Truth About Santa: Moms Share Their Best Tactics Without Ruining The 'Magic' Of Christmas

Learn three good styles from these mothers whose children will have outgrown the myth of jolly old Saint Nick.

Christmas Season

Health/Nutrition  12 December '16

Santa's Surprise Visit To Children Suffering From Diseases

Children who suffer from special needs such as down syndrome or autism are very sensitive when it comes to loud noises and chaos that often comes from seeing Santa at a mall.

Macy's Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade

Fun & Games  7 December '16

Children Cry As 'Too Busy' Santa Ditches Meet, Angry Parents Slam Event Organizers On Social Media

Instead of laughters, guests heard the kids wailing when they learned that Father Christmas wasn't arriving.

Last Minute Shoppers Hit NYC Stores On December 24th

Development  26 November '16

Could Santa-Clause Damage Parent-Child Relationship?

For most young children, it is an essential part of the magic of Christmas. But letting them believe in Santa Claus could do more harm than good.

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