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Mom Shows What Happens When You Leave Your Fake Tan Within Reach Of Your Kids

Children  17 June '18

Mom Shows What Happens When You Leave Your Fake Tan Within Kids' Reach

Billie Fotheringham of Scotland shared how her son Kyle and his friend Leo applied fake tan on each other while she was not looking. The mom did not scold them but laughed when she saw how funny they looked.

PrEP Drugs Truvada Approved In Scotland for HIV Prevention

Parenting  11 April '17

Scotland Approves PrEP Drugs For HIV Prevention

Scotland released their latest medical advancement as they approved the PrEP drugs for HIV Prevention.


School Age  21 March '17

Starbucks Barista Body-Shames 11-Year-Old Girl By Writing 'Fat' On Her Cup

An 11-year-old girl went to a local Starbucks and got body-shamed by a barista.

Funding for child poverty

Health/Nutrition  22 December '16

Aid For Child Poverty Plans Commence

Plans aimed at dramatically cutting child poverty rates in Scotland have been backed in a consultation.

Calls For Smoke Free Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square

Health/Nutrition  11 December '16

Smoking Banned In Presence Of Children

People caught smoking in cars with children could be fined up to £1,000

FIFA Latest News & Updates: England, Scotland Defy FIFA For Wearing Poppy; Are They Disqualified In 2018 World Cup?

Dads  18 November '16

FIFA Latest News & Updates: England, Scotland Defy FIFA For Wearing Poppy; Are They Disqualified In 2018 World Cup?

They actually did it. Both England and Scotland defied FIFA by wearing a poppy armband despite warnings.

FIFA Latest News & Updates: England, Scotland Players Will Wear Poppies on Armistice Day Match

Dads  7 November '16

FIFA Latest News & Updates: England, Scotland Players Will Wear Poppies on Armistice Day Match

FIFA has banned players from wearing any poppies during the World Cup. However, England and Scotland both insisted their players to display the trademark.

Is This Another Nessie? Humber Monster on the loose!

Science  13 September '16

Humber Monster at large! Another Nessie Found [VIDEO]

Does Nessie have a relative? The Humber Monster is said to have a head the size of an elephant and eyes the size of portholes.

Mattel Launch Their New Apptivity Toys That Interact With iPads

Autism  31 August '16

Autism Can Be Diagnosed Early By Letting Children Play Games On Tablets & Smartphones

Children diagnosed with autism before they turn four years old have higher chances of getting successful results in treatment. Late autism diagnosis pushes parents to seek alternative and complementary autism medications, which are not that effective as behavioral therapy.

Kansas City Chief Travis Kelce Surprises Boys & Girls Clubs Of Greater Kansas City With A Holiday Shopping Spree For #GivingTuesday

Autism  16 August '16

JC Penney Holds Special Back-To-School Shopping Event For Children With Autism & Special Needs

Kids with sensory sensitivities struggle in back-to-school shopping sprees where both children and parents alike clamor in malls. JC Penney developed this event in an effort to practice corporate inclusion and diversity program.

David Cameron's Last Day As The UK's Prime Minister

Politics  14 July '16

What’s Next For David Cameron’s Family? Former Prime Minister Will Likely Send Children To Expensive Private Schools

There's a huge possibility that Cameron's children will be transferred to private schools especially now that the family has left 10 Downing Street and is away from the public eye. Cameron was opposed to the idea back in 2009.

FDA Issues Warning After E. coli Outbreak Traced To Spinach

Health/Nutrition  8 July '16

E. Coli Outbreak in the United Kingom: Caused by Salad Greens?

Servings of mixed salad greens have been touted as the primary source of an E. coli outbreak in the UK.

Australia Celebrates Baby Boom

Health  3 June '16

Government To Provide Free Supply Of Vitamins To Pregnant Women In Scotland

Pregnant women in Scotland will be on the receiving end of free vitamins.

Premiere Of The Weinstein Company's 'Bully' - Red Carpet

School  9 May '16

Should Parents Be Blamed For Raising a Bully? [VIDEO]

Should parents be blamed for raising a bully?

Batman and Catwoman Appear At Heartkids' Launch Of Super Boss Day

Family ♥ Story  22 April '16

'Batman Did It' Toddler Blamed Superhero For Lipstick Scribbles On Mom's Mirror [WATCH VIDEO]

This 2-year-old found the perfect scapegoat - Batman!

The Duchess Of Cambridge Visits Edinburgh

Education  27 February '16

Kate Middleton Shares Tennis Tips to High School Students in Edinburgh

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is a natural when it comes to tennis. She hopes to share this interest with her kids Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Boulder, Colorado, Tuesday, February 28, 2012. Joe Amon, The Denver Post

Parenting  26 January '16

Pet Microchip Requirement: All Dogs In The UK Have To Be Microchipped By April

Learn the details of the new legislation -- its scope and benefits as well as the penalty for those who will not follow.

Friends toasting wine glasses at restaurant table

Health/Nutrition  9 January '16

Alcohol Drinking Guidelines Changed; How Much Should You Drink?

Health officials in the United Kingdom have posted a new guidance concerning how much alcohol a person should drink.


Health/Nutrition  23 June '15

Mother's Touch a Stimuli for Fetal Responses & Communication

A new research found out that a mother's touch has a greater communication impact on babies during pregnancy.

Tilda Swinton

News  16 June '15

Tilda Swinton Co-Founds Test-Free School

When she's not doing movies or winning Oscar awards, Hollywood actress Tilda Swinton, 54, manages a school in Scotland. But it is not just any school; it's an institution that doesn't rely on tests or grades to gauge the students' abilities. It's also the school that her teenage twin boy and girl, Xavier and Honor, attend.

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