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Equal Shared Parenting

Family Life  24 February '17

Shared Parenting Gaining Ground In Legislation; More States Introducing, Updating Laws On Co-Parenting Between Divorced Parents

Child custody laws are shifting as lawmakers see the need to give divorced parents equal parenting time.

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Family Life  5 November '16

Shared Parenting Laws [LATEST NEWS UPDATES]: Is Egalitarian Parenting A Panacea To End Domestic Violence, Parental Alienation Among High Conflict Family Situations?

Family experts and some legislators have strongly advocated the shared parenting approach across the United States and recent updates claimed that this egalitarian way could reduce the burgeoning cases of domestic violence.

THE PLAYERS Championship - Final Round

Politics  2 June '16

Shared Parenting Laws Latest News & Updates: Why Florida Is Against To Shared Parenting Strategies

A Florida governor has decided not to support the recently proposed shared parenting laws. That’s why, shared custody isn’t exactly practiced in the southeasternmost U.S. state.

Everyday Life Far From The War

K-12 Reform  9 May '16

Shared Parenting Laws News & Updates: Missouri Legislators Pass Bill Encouraging Parental Equality For Divorced Or Separated Parents

The Midwestern U.S. state of Missouri has joined almost 20 states across the country that have considered shared parenting legislation.

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Family Life  28 April '16

Shared Parenting Laws: A Solution To End ‘Parental Alienation’?

National Parents Organization is urging lawmakers to pass new laws promoting shared parenting, noting it can decrease the tragic cases of parental alienation after a divorce or separation.

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